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Alabama Birding Trails at Gulf Shores

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While there are many coasts that would love to host you for your beach getaway, the Gulf offers something they don’t—fabulous birds of all shapes and sizes. It’s true—Gulf Shores, Alabama is a paradise for birdwatchers! Thanks to our position in the south right before the water, birds from across North America make temporary homes here. They refuel and recharge while they prepare for the trek across the ocean to tropical winter homes. This means we host a collection of birds that you’ll never find anywhere else!

Allure of the Birds

There’s nothing wrong with being a bird brain; birds have captivated mankind since the classical era and long before. Some are majestic, some intimidating, some graceful, some adorable. There’s a huge variety to birds, and the more you learn about them, the more you end up loving them. Some are colorful and some are drab, but they are all fantastic to watch and rewarding to find. October is an especially excellent month for coming to watch birds, as that’s when many of them set up a brief nest to prepare for their migration.

Popular Alabama Birding Trails

Gulf State Park is better known for recreation than bird-watching, but if you’re heading there anyway (we do recommend it), you can try out some of the nature trails. More populated than the other areas here, the birds are likely shy and hard to find, but there’s no guarantee one way or the other about what you might spy.

The Bon Secour Wildlife Refuge is one of a bird-watcher’s best bets. The area was specifically designed with the migratory birds in mind—to protect their important pit stop from encroaching human settlements, this area was set aside to give them a place to stay. It’s secluded, but for both humans and birds, that’s the charm!

There are also a series of nature trails throughout the state devoted to birdwatching. Called the Alabama Birding Trails, several of them run through the Gulf Shores area. They’re a great spot to go searching for birds keeping away from the major roads. You can even look up the Alabama Coastal Birding Trail Guide Book for hints on what to look for where and when!

Who Can Help?

Sadly, there are not many organized bird-lovers or bird-watching tour groups operating out of the Gulf Shores area. If you do want to connect with some local bird enthusiasts however, try contacting the Hummer Bird Study Group and see if they have any operations coming up in this area.

Wild Native Tours does offer tours through the Bon Secour Wildlife Refuge. Though not entirely bird-focused, the guides do know their animals well and will be happy to teach you more about both the local and visiting avians.

Celebrate Nature with Harris Vacation Rentals

Whether your idea of being at one with nature is watching birds, walking the Alabama Coastal Birding Trail, waking up to the waves, or staying far out of the big cities, Harris Vacation Rentals has a home waiting for you, perfect times for migration. Call us at 1-877-446-4853 to set up your stay today!