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The sea is beautiful—the way it stretches out forever, the way the waves are always changing, yet always the same. It has captivated the hearts of mankind since time immemorial. But what about the fantastic views that lie just beneath the water’s surface? For an entirely new way to marvel at the ocean, try snorkeling in Gulf Shores!

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Undersea Scenery

Snorkeling is great for viewing marine life that many will go their whole life never seeing in person. With gear that’s less expensive and easier to use than scuba, it’s also highly accessible to any able-bodied swimmer. With so many people not realizing the complexity of the ecosystem at their doorstep, snorkeling should be on your bucket list for sure!

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Gulf Shores Snorkeling

Remember, the sea can be unpredictable and unforgiving. If going out, always bring someone with you, and choose a day with good visibility and calm waters. Better yet, go with a snorkeling tour to ensure there are trained professionals watching out for you!

Spots to Snorkel

Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are intimately connected with the waters that run around and through them—we’ve taken care of them so that we can enjoy their bounty, which means a better viewing experience for divers and snorkelers. Perdido Pass contains several jetties toward the north at Alabama Point that are great for checking out crabs and other shallows-dwellers.

If you’re feeling bolder and are a strong swimmer, look for Whiskey Wreck about 150 yards off the shore. The sunken ship has made an excellent habitat for all sorts of marine life, making it a popular stop for snorkelers! It’s straight out from Bahama Bob’s in Gulf Shores.

And if the shallows aren’t mysterious enough for you, there are charters that will take you out to the deeper spots where the creatures are all the more mysterious and magnificent.

Snorkeling in Gulf Shores, AL? Here Are Some Companies to Talk to:

First time snorkeling in Gulf Shores? Or snorkeling in general? Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with snorkeling gear or snorkeling spots—there are people around who’ll be happy to help you out!

Glass Bottom Dolphin Tours are one such company. They’re located on Perdido Beach Boulevard near the eastern end of Orange Beach south of Cotton Bayou. As the name suggests, they take tours out every weekday to seek dolphins from a glass-bottomed boat, but they also take out two-hour snorkeling trips during the summer on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Call them for their fall and winter schedules.

AAA Charters also hosts guided snorkeling trips departing from Orange Beach. Their glass-bottom boats show when you’ve reached prime snorkeling spots. Their trips also run on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays; reservations are required.

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