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Window Shopping Near Gulf Shores

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Shopping near Gulf Shores is fun, so bring along some spare cash and browse! Even with everyone having a camera with them at all times, there’s nothing that beats having a souvenir to take home with you—whether it’s a gift to show someone you were thinking of them, a piece of art that will fit your home perfectly, or a piece of clothing that will remind you of vacation whenever you wear it, it’s worth always bringing something home. That said, where does one look? Well, in a place as popular with visitors as Gulf Shores, finding a shop is never hard to do!

The Wharf at Orange Beach

In between Portage Creek and Alabama’s Coastal Connection, east of Foley Beach express, you’ll find The Wharf. A higher-end shopping and entertainment district, this place may be harder to find deals, but still worth coming for the views. The Wharf hosts events frequently, from concerts to boat shows, so check the area’s calendar—you could come for food and souvenirs and stumble upon much more! At the very least, enjoy the Ferris Wheel while you’re here.

SanRoc Cay Marina

In the southern area of Orange Beach, off Perdido Beach Boulevard before you reach Alabama Point, you’ll find this lovely shopping center overlooking the water. It includes a movie theater and many restaurants, some highly recommended. The plaza and the signature swordfish statue make the place feel grand. If you’re ever not sure where to eat, this is a great place to walk around.

The Pelican Place

Off of Gulf Shores Parkway just north of Cotton Creek Drive, you’ll find The Pelican Place at Craft Farms. It has one-stop shopping with a Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond, as well as Cobb Theater for entertainment. There’s plenty more to explore though, with several accessory shops selling tantalizing trinkets and souvenirs. Plus, it’s home to Kitty’s Café and The Yard Milkshake Shop—which are alone reasons for visiting.

Beach Boulevard

Surfing, sandcastles, swimming, and of course, shopping—the beach is great for all of these! Plenty of shops have sprung up along Beach Boulevard, especially near Gulf Shores Parkway. Travel north up the parkway to find plenty of options with stores like Souvenir City and T-Shirt Factory, Inc. Or, walk along the boulevard for your choice of restaurants and other clothing stores.

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