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You might have heard of The Track before—but have experienced the thrill of a family go-cart race? If you want to spend an afternoon having fun—and it hardly matters how—the Track Family Recreation Center in Gulf Shores has what you’re looking for! It’s a fun-spree for all ages, with kiddie rides to skycoasters delighting and amazing visitors. While it’s most famous for its go-karts, there’s much more than those here to enjoy. Plenty of people come from neighboring towns and further for a day here, so if you’re stopping by the area, you should be one of them!

The Track Family Recreation Center

It can be hard to find something that everyone can agree on. Maybe the kayak won’t accommodate a 4-year-old, and perhaps your 13-year-old always wants to break off and do their own thing. It can be a hassle going somewhere without feeling like someone’s not having a good time.

That’s where the Track Family Recreation Center steps in. Here, all you need to do is get everyone their tickets and the fun is theirs for the having! Adults and kids alike can run wild in the arcade, while folks who take a slower approach to entertainment can enjoy a round of miniature golf. Younger tykes have plenty to do too! A train sized for them, a Ferris wheel, and a carousel are all ways that the kiddies can have some low-risk thrills. Plus, there are even some two-seater go-karts where you can take smaller children along for the ride!

So Much More than a Track!

The three level wooden go-kart track may be The Track’s claim to fame, but there’s much more than that—in fact, there are several tracks, so that everyone has a chance to enjoy the speed and thrill of go-kart racing! If you’re not such a landlubber, take to the water in one of the bumper boats, whose water cannons turn these fun vehicles into soaking weapons! A round of miniature golf is a great way to spend an afternoon, as is perusing the arcade for the game that suits you. So much fun crammed into one place—that’s the Track Family Recreation Center.

Book Today, Enjoy Tomorrow!

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