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Brian Harris

Broker / CEO

How long have you been with HPM?

Sort of since 1983 when my parents bought SH 59 (Catalina), I was 4 months old!

Where do you reside?

Reside??? What is this 1892? I RESIDE at my aboad in Fairhope, Alabama. My ansesters resided in yonder town of Birmingham, Alabama which is the place of my birth.

Which house is your favorite, why?

I should say Catalina because that is where all of this started, or Barefoot because Mom and I sketched it out on the dining table and it is sort of a tribute house to all the work that Mom and Dad did, or Blue Eagle or Junaluska because Ashley and I own those but I think it is Fountain of Youth. It just has such a great feel in that open living room and covered porch. I always feel relaxed in that home.

Which homes have you stayed in?

A lot of them.

Best tip for making the most of your trip to the beach?

My family has had wonderful experienced growing up on the beaches, especially in Fort Morgan. I hope it alows you to make memories with your family also. My tip is wear sunscreen! Even when you think you don’t need it, wear it, then you wount get burned and be miserable the rest of the trip. Tip 2 is embrace the sand! Yes, you are going to get sandy and it will be all over you, your dog, your kids, in your food, in your hair for a week after you get home, but embrace the sandyness and enjoy your time on the beach! Tip 3 is that you don’t need most of the stuff you are dragging out to the beach. Short list is, suntan lotion and a drink, done. (maybe a hat and some sunglasses)–>