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Gulf Shores Restaurant

The Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach

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When you fur child is just as much a part of the family as the two-legged members, it’s tough to leave them behind on vacation. Luckily, when you book a Gulf Shores or Orange Beach vacation, you’ve got options. From pet-friendly attractions to beach houses and even dog-friendly restaurants, you can plan an entire vacation with your pup in mind. One of our favorite places to start our planning is food! Alabama beaches are packed with great restaurants, and the fact that many are pet friendly is a big plus

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Gulf Shores Activities

Best Cheap, Local Restaurants in Gulf Shores/Orange Beach

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It’s smart to look around and compare prices when you’re looking for restaurants. After all, even though we offer very affordable rentals, it’s good to make a practice of being thrifty elsewhere—especially when you don’t need to sacrifice quality! The best spots to eat on vacation are local mom n’ pop shops—what’s the point of going to explore a new place if you’re just going to eat at the same place you always do? Instead, you should be looking for places where you can experience the local cuisine—and in a

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