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Memorial Day Travel Guide for Gulf Shores, Orange Beach AL

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Summer fun unofficially kicks off with Memorial Day weekend, and for many that means sun, sand and surf in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama. While the calendar gives us three days to soak up the sun, build sandcastles and enjoy the company of friends and family, it’s really only the beginning to a summer season filled with long weekends at the beach or even week-long adventures on Alabama’s white-sand beaches. But, for this one weekend each year, a whole different level of excitement is in the air as families

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Vacation Rentals in Gulf Shores

Large Group Renting with Harris Properties: Five Advantages

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The classic vacation involves a couple traveling somewhere else with their 1 to 4 kids for a few days, but larger rental properties are changing this tradition. With six-, seven-, and eight-bedroom rentals, the options for a vacation are nearly infinite! If you’re part of the typical 3- to 7-person family, getting such a large place to stay may seem unnecessary. But, there are plenty of perks to these large-group rentals. This is especially true of Gulf Shores. They’re A Great Deal As property size goes up, so does cost—but

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