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When thousands of dollars are on the line daily, nothing’s more important than having the right team working for you. But how do you create a team out of a group of people? Hiring them isn’t enough! Instead, it requires time set aside to turn a group into a highly synergistic, deeply loyal squad with high morale. It takes a corporate retreat. A vacation rental in Gulf Shores AL may be just what your company needs!

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Gulf Shores Retreats: Intangible Benefits

Corporate retreats in Gulf Shores may sound cheesy, but their benefits are many. Taking the time away from home helps your crew feel at home among their coworkers in ways an office never can. When they spend time together outside of work, they can open up to each other and get to know each other better. This forms tighter bonds, pushing coworkers to care more about each other and their work.

Getting Results

As counterintuitive as it might seem, sometimes goal-setting is better outside the office. When feeling less restrained by the workplace atmosphere, people are more likely to give their honest opinions and listen better to each other. A little bit of time for work-talk on corporate retreats in Gulf Shores can be worth more than a whole day at the office.

Events and Activities Galore

Of course, heading to a tropical getaway so you can have non-stop meetings is an obvious gilded cage. So, spend plenty of time out and about with activities you can only enjoy at the Gulf! Go on a tour looking for dolphins, try some famous southern-fried seafood, or go on a nature walk looking for rare birds. There’s plenty to do here that will pull your team closer together.

Equally nice, the south is always open for business, with lows rarely dropping below 50°F, even in winter. If you’re tired of having to huddle indoors for nice weather, your team is probably thinking the same thing—come to Gulf Shores, and bring them along!

Vacation Homes, Gulf Shores: The Perfect Place for Corporate Lodgings

Treat your coworkers to one of the most common fantasies: beachside living. With Harris Properties and a vacation rental in Gulf Shores AL, your crew can wake up and look over the Gulf each morning and go for a walk on the pristine sands. Take along your swimsuits, if it’s the season—nothing makes someone feel less reserved than splashing around in the ocean! Stay in one of our vacation rentals, and that ocean can be your front yard!

Plus, the floor plans are perfect for fostering a sense of family. Most of our floorplans are open, with one or two large rooms connecting the bedrooms. Everyone will be part of everyone else’s day—none of the workplace cliques hiding out in their own corners of the house. Our Gulf Shores homes feel like one big room for one big family. And yes, we have some that can sleep a dozen people or more!

So if you’re looking to improve employee morale and build a sense of family out of your team, call us at 1-877-446-4853 to find out what we can offer you!