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There’s nothing more romantic than the beach! Imagine walking hand-in-hand along the bright white sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast with your sweetie. Now, stop imagining and make it so – book a Fort Morgan vacation home for the two of you. It’s time for a little romance!

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Enjoy Some Quiet Time, Together in Our Fort Morgan Romantic Rentals

Fort Morgan is quieter than other Gulf beaches and more secluded. It’s perfect for just sitting back and relaxing. Grab your sweetheart and hit the beach. You can spend the day strolling along the surf or maybe doing a little surf fishing together. Swim in the bright blue water, watch the dolphins frolic, or just do some serious sunbathing. Let the bright Gulf sun envelope you like a soft blanket and start reducing all that stress that’s been building up. The two of you can indulge in a little sunlight therapy as a way to get your romantic vacation started.

This could be the time for a little adventure together and to try something new and different. Maybe try parasailing or learn to paddleboard! This is your time to do whatever you want—just do it together! Our Fort Morgan romantic rentals are located close to the beach too, so take a few steps off the deck, and you’re there. No driving or parking hassles here! Take full advantage of your time together here in Fort Morgan and spend it all on the beach and in the water. A kayak tour through the Back Bay waters is a quiet, calm way to spend some time together and get a little exercise at the same time, all while enjoying the beautiful scenery and marine life. Or, just sit back while others do the work on a half-day dolphin watching excursion. Schedule a sunset cruise and enjoy dinner on the boat while you watch a colorful Gulf sunset.

Take a step back in time when you explore Historic Fort Morgan. This pentagonal-shaped fort has been guarding the coastline since the early 1800s and offers a unique view into the past. Schedule your visit to coincide with a canon firing or live history reenactment. There’s a lot of history here on this little peninsula. In fact, the fort was named after Revolutionary War hero Daniel Morgan.

Or spend the day strolling through the Bon Secour National Refuge. Its trails wind through different coastal habitats, including maritime forests, dunes, and wetlands, and is heaven for bird lovers. In the spring and fall months migratory birds make their annual stop over and the Refuge explodes with bird life. It’s not bad for wildlife and nature lovers either; be on the lookout for armadillos, foxes, alligators and more. Amateur and professional photographers alike will enjoy the wide variety of wildlife and scenic opportunities. Be sure to take plenty of photos to remember your time here.

Enjoy Some Quiet Time, Together in Our Fort Morgan Romantic Rentals

We won’t tell if you decide to spend all your time indoors! Your rental’s free Wi-Fi means you can binge-watch your favorite shows from the comfort of the comfy sofa or bed. Watch your favorites for as long as you both like on the large flat screen TVs in our Fort Morgan romantic vacation rentals.

Generously sized windows let in all that gorgeous Gulf sunlight and lovely views, so you can enjoy it all in comfort from inside of your Fort Morgan beach rental. Or lounge outside on the deck, listening to the waves crash on to the sand and the gulls call out as they search for that next snack. Just stock the cooler with your favorite beverages, set it out on the deck and start to enjoy those tropical Gulf breezes.

Time for a Little Romance

All of our Fort Morgan romantic vacation rentals come with fully equipped kitchens, so you will only have to leave your beach rental when you run out of supplies. Give our staff a call to ensure your rental has all the equipment you’ll need. Parmesan risotto with plenty of fresh caught roasted shrimp sounds pretty good! Practice your skills and cook up some new delicacies together. Have a friendly competition to see who can cook their catch of the day into the best Instagram-worthy photo. Loser does the dishes!

Or let someone else do all the work. Head out to a nearby restaurant for fresh, local seafood. There are plenty of locations to choose from here in Fort Morgan or in nearby Gulf Shores. Dine in or bring your meal back to eat on the deck, nestled among candles and the stars. Everything tastes better by candlelight. While you’re out, don’t forget to stock up on champagne and chocolate – or whatever does the trick – then have an intimate party on your rental’s deck while the stars glitter off the water.

Our Fort Morgan romantic rentals really are right on the beach. A quick walk over your private boardwalk will bring you right to all that glorious sand and surf. Enjoy the colorful sunrise as you stroll along the surf hand-in-hand, and then end the day the same way, with a walk in the moonlight along the water’s edge under the stars.

Romantic Rentals at Harris Vacation Rentals

Our open, airy vacation rentals here in Fort Morgan give you lots of room for whatever the two of you decide to do. Dance the night away, dig out that old Twister game – it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re here and spending quality time together. Give our staff a call if you need dining suggestions, or need to know where to rent a couple of kayaks!