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Sometimes, our travel plans don’t go as expected. Perhaps an emergency happens and you have to cancel your trip at the last minute. Maybe you’re already on vacation but need to cut it short and fly back home early. In these cases, it’s always a good idea to purchase travel insurance. After all, the last thing you want is to see thousands of nonrefundable dollars go down the drain because of an unforeseen event! Read on to discover the benefits of purchasing travel insurance for your next Gulf Shores getaway! 

Top 3 of Benefits of Purchasing Travel Insurance

1. It Can Save You Money in The Long Run

While 9 times out of 10, everything will go as planned, having to pay for a nonrefundable vacation is a very expensive mistake. Whether it’s a natural disaster, a medical emergency, sudden loss of a loved one, or a flight cancellation, unpredictable things do happen! Why take the risk? Because it can save you big money in the long-run, the benefits of travel insurance outweigh the disadvantages. Plus, if your trip gets cut short, you can always file a claim.

Many of our guests wonder when is it too late to buy travel insurance? To qualify for full coverage, you must purchase within the first 21 days from the day that the booking was made.  Don’t wait until the natural disaster strikes and it’s too late. Plan ahead and get covered well in advance.

2. It Will Put Your Mind at Ease

Another benefit of travel insurance is that you’ll enjoy peace of mind. It is good to know that you are covered in case something does come up. Instead of worrying about the possibility of what could go wrong, you can enjoy a stress-free getaway relaxing on the beach!

3. Replace Lost or Stolen Luggage

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for visitors to lose their luggage while traveling. Perhaps you set your purse down while you were out sightseeing and then later realized it was missing. Maybe your luggage was lost on a flight or, even worse, stolen at the airport. Whether your items were lost or stolen, having travel insurance can help reimburse you in the worst-case scenario. 

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