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For over 60 years, Gulf Shores Seafood has been providing fresh seafood (and other items) to Gulf area locals and visitors alike. This seafood market has you covered. You can get your seafood freshly iced down, or cooked and ready to go, or even shipped to your home! This is the place to stop for fresh local seafood and all the fixin’s, not the place for those fried seafood platters.

Take Out Options from Gulf Shores Seafood

Maybe you’re stretched out on the beach and want a little low country boil or some boiled shrimp, or maybe you just got into town and just can’t wait for some fresh oysters and crab legs. Maybe you’re ready to grill all that fish you caught, only your fishing expedition wasn’t a total success. No matter, Gulf Shores Seafood will have what you want!

You can get fresh seafood in Gulf Shores already cooked or uncooked. Choose your seafood, take it back to your rental, and have that family low country boil or seafood cookout on the beach! If you don’t want the hassle of cooking, they offer catering options for large groups. They have several “meals to go” options too: corn & potatoes, corn & potatoes & sausage, low county boil for one or two, royal red tails, snow crab, and snow crab & shrimp. These options are perfect for those impromptu lunches on the beach!

Stop by on the way out of town and get a little taste of the Gulf to take back with you. Their “seafood pack & travel” option ices down fresh seafood in a cooler, ready for the trip home. And their “ship seafood package” will ship your choice home for you (two-day shipping). Even after you leave the beautiful Gulf, you can still get a taste of it.

Seafood Choices

Fresh seafood choices include tilapia, groper, mahi-mahi, yellowfin tuna, flounder, red snapper, shrimp, crab legs, oysters, and lobster tails. They also have seafood dips & homemade cocktail sauce. Cooked seafood menu choices include boiled shrimp, low country boil, gumbo and crab’n’corn chowder. Grocery items include steaks, fresh produce, BBQ essentials, alligator meat, and desserts – everything you’ll need for that family style seafood Gulf Shores dinner.

More Info

Don’t forget to call ahead (251-948-8456) or order online to skip the wait. Gulf Shores Seafood is located at 921 Gulf Shores Parkway in Gulf Shores, and they open daily from 9am – 8pm. Their website has their full menu and details on all the takeout options they provide.

Let our knowledgeable staff here at Harris Vacation Rentals help you find the perfect Gulf Shores rental to have that beach cookout or low country boil! We can help you plan the perfect vacation—just give us a call today!