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Watersports Journey to Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores has plenty of opportunity to enjoy watersports—it’s right on the beach! Whether you like parasailing and jet skis or paddling upright on a paddleboard quietly and taking in the scenery, Gulf Shores water sports can provide the experience to remember.

Parasailing & Jet Skis

Want to glide like a bird? Take a parasailing lesson and start flying high above the ocean! Parasails are for singles, doubles or triples, so grab a friend and start sailing. Or for excitement while staying on (or near) the water, rent a jet ski. Both Blue Sky Parasailing and Watersports and Sky High and Pleasure Island Parasail rent parasailing and jet skis.


Gulf Shores water sports include scuba diving and many sites offer options for both the novice and for more experienced divers. Novices should try the Whiskey Wreck (a sunken rum runner boat), one of the few dive sites that is accessible from the shore. If you are a more experienced diver, dive the newest entry to Alabama’s dive spots; starting at 50-feet below the surface and continuing to 115-feet, the Lulu (a sunken freighter) lurks in the murky water. The Down Under Dive Shop can get you outfitted.

Sport Fishing

Hire a charter and have the electrifying (and exhausting) experience of reeling in amberjack, king mackerel, tuna, marlin, swordfish and wahoo. Among the many local charter options are Gulf Shores Fishing Charters and Ni-cole Fishing Charters.

Are you a bowhunter? Try bowfishing for a new twist on the sport. Contact Fish-Kabob Bowfishing for a complete bowfishing experience. Fly-fishing at the Gulf can be challenging, but isn’t that what it’s all about? Not your typical fly-fishing venture, rent a paddleboard or kayak. You can hunt tarpon and lady fish, or stalk redfish through the marsh for an exhilarating fly-fishing experience.

Kayak & Paddleboard (SUP)

Explore the waterways of Gulf Shores while exercising. See marine life up close, fish, and feast your eyes on the views inland or at sea. Rent a kayak or paddleboard for a fun way to explore the many different habitats in the area. Go Go Kayaks has kayaks and paddle boards, Shooting Star Kayaks has kayak rentals and tours, and Coyote Beach Sports will rent you kayaks, surfboards, paddleboards, and more.

Alabama Water sports

Come to Gulf Shores and you can polish your skills or learn new ones. From the extreme to the more relaxing, it’s all here in Gulf Shores. Book your stay with us today!