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You have to admit, things have been pretty weird this year. We’ve all missed out on a lot of our normal activities, including our yearly summer vacation. And now the kids are back in school, and that’s not normal either since it’s all online. Why not take advantage of the online school (and work) situation as it stretches on, and take everyone on a belated family vacation? Why not head to everyone’s favorite spot – Gulf Shores? We have the perfect rentals for you to partake in online school in Gulf Shores!

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Clean and Easy

You’ll have to pack everything up they’ll need for school (and work), but it will be worth it! Or just rent what you need and have it delivered to your vacation home, and even installed. Our staff can help with deliveries and whatever else you need to get situated.

And all of our rentals are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between uses, so that’s one less thing to worry about. Plus renting a vacation home means you won’t have to mingle with other hotel guests; your family will be safe in their own beach vacation home.

Take that first step into your vacation rental, and you’ll feel all that stress start to fade. Go ahead and set the kids’ school things up on the dining room table, where they’ll have plenty of room to spread out. Your family won’t need that table for eating – you’ll be eating out on the screened porch, or the covered deck anyway. The open floor plans in our rentals mean you’ll be able to keep an eye on them, and be right there when they need help.

Lots of Options

Take advantage of being at the beach to expand the kids’ lessons too. The beach is the perfect place to teach them about the local ecosystems, conservation and biology. Take them on an eco-tour, go fishing, or spend the day on the water watching the local marine life. They can learn and have fun at the same time when they have online school in Gulf Shores.

Schedule a day at the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo! Everyone can learn more about endangered animals and habitat conservation. The zoo is a great place to learn about serious things in a fun way. Visit Bengal tigers, African lions, camels, and more. Lighten things up with a visit to Lemur Island, the Reptile House, Aviary and the Petting Zoo.

Lots of Amenities for You to Experience Gulf Shores Online School

Of course, you’ll be enjoying all the amenities that come with a Gulf Shores vacation home, including the free Wi-Fi and cable that make school set up a breeze. And all those flat screen TVs mean the kids won’t be fighting about who gets to watch what.

And there’s the beach with its bright white sand and brilliant blue water! Come on down and let the warm ocean breeze blow all your troubles away. Give us a call today to start setting things up!