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It’s time for a vacation in Orange Beach! Sure, the kids need to be in school but it’s all online. So technically you can be anywhere in the world and they can still attend classes. Why not head to that special place your family loves for some online school in Orange Beach?

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Easy Set Up for Online School in Orange Beach

You’ve already set their classroom up once, or perhaps in a few different places as they search for the “right” spot. Break it down, pack it up, and head to the beach! Or, leave it there and rent what you need for Orange Beach online school. Many rental businesses offer installation too, so you may not have to do much at all!

Your rental’s free Wi-Fi will let you set up anywhere. Try the dining room table – the kids will have lots of room to spread out, and you can easily keep an eye on them. Don’t worry, your family won’t need it for eating. There are plenty of other eating areas in your rental, with eating areas in the kitchen, the screened porch, or the deck.

Expand the Classroom

Take the classroom to the beach! Sure, the kids will be out there every second they can, but take time to teach them about coastal habitats and ecosystems. Have scavenger hunts for sand dollars, shells and sharks teeth. Turn the bright white sand and driftwood into castles or artwork. It’s easy to turn their beach fun into learning fun. And while they’re playing in the sand, they can practice their match skills by making six foot circles around themselves. Grab a stick and some rope or ribbon and they can learn about circles, diameters and learn to draw them in the sand.

Book a dolphin watching tour, and spend the day out on the water watching and learning about marine life. Teach them to fish, from hooking the bait to gutting and cleaning their catch. Later they can help grill their catch for dinner!

After Classes

When it’s time for fun, the beach is waiting! It’s so close, the kids can take a quick dip in the water during lunch or on their afternoon break. And it’s outside, so it’s safer than being cooped up somewhere. Just let them be free to enjoy being kids again. Or take the entire family to The Wharf for mini-golf and a zip-line! The Wharf has plenty of restaurants with dine-outside options or take-out. And the kids will love finishing their day with a nighttime ride on the Ferris wheel.

For more suggestions on things to do while staying safe in Orange Beach, give us call! We’re here to help with classroom setup, take-out options and more to make Orange Beach online school the best it can be.