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You’ve finally done it! You own your own perfect vacation spot in Orange Beach along the scenic Gulf Coast. It’s everything you’ve always wanted – it’s at the beach and it’s near all the lively Gulf Coast action. You came here when you were younger and now you can come any time you want. But you’re finding it harder to get away and spend time at the beach, and your lovely vacation beach house is sitting empty for months during the year. Renting it out seemed to be the thing to do.

But high management fees, less than expected annual rental revenue, and a seemingly endless list of petty charges from your current management company is proving to be more trouble than you can handle. Using an Orange Beach property management company was supposed to end all your troubles, not compound them. Don’t worry, there is a solution to your property management problems: Harris Vacation Rentals Management!

Benefits of Hiring a Vacation Property Management Company

Hiring the right property management company for your vacation property can add great value to your real estate investment as well as making owning vacation property easier. Hiring Harris Property Management for your Orange Beach property management needs will be beneficial in so many ways. You need a management company who knows the area intimately and knows the type of guest that will fit with your location and type of rental. That’s what Harris Vacation Rentals Management does best – finds the perfect guest to fit your vacation property, while taking the onus of property management in Orange Beach, AL off your hands.

Relieve Your Stress

We will take the day-to-day burdens that come with overseeing a vacation property off your shoulders so you can focus on other aspects of life. You will no longer have to worry about completing paperwork, collecting money, dealing with sudden emergencies, etc. We’ve been managing rental properties for years and have developed strategies and procedures that streamline processes and eliminate most issues. We’ll deal with the calls from guests that come any time of day or night, so you don’t have to. We’ll handle everything for you. When you utilize our Orange Beach property management services, you can finally sit back and let someone else worry about your vacation property.

Reduce Vacancy Cycles

We will always be working hard to bring in new renters to keep your property booked throughout the year, even during the off season. We know there are visitors out there who like to visit the beach during the off season, and we will focus on those visitors for those months. We will make every effort to eliminate the off season for your rental. New markets are opening up all the time, and by using social media and the internet to the max, we can keep on top of these potential guests. We understand how to effectively market your vacation rental so that it stands out among the competition and attracts Alabama’s coastline visitors. We understand that a specific type of visitor comes to Orange Beach. Lively and energetic, these guests are looking for fun, 24/7. Whether it’s for fun on the beach or water, or for the nightlife, they come to Orange Beach. We market to Orange Beach’s strengths while downplaying its weaknesses. Our marketing focuses more on the fun and excitement of Orange Beach and its area attractions and less on the aspects that may seem detrimental to some guests.

Maintain Property

We set a high standard for the properties we represent for both the sake of our guests and owners. This means you can rest assured that we have a strong commitment to keeping rentals in top condition. It will remain clean and maintained to avoid costly repairs as much as possible. We live and work in the area, so we are able to keep a close eye on your property at all times through our property management in Orange Beach, AL. We have lived on the Gulf Coast for years and understand the maintenance issues and potential problems that can arise during the seasons here. The number of hurricanes striking the Gulf Coast seem to be on the rise, and we will address that by periodically suggesting repairs or upgrades to your property that will increase its value and make protecting and maintaining it easier.

How does Harris Properties compare to other Property Managers?

Harris Properties
Other Management Companies
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Meet Elisabeth Yoho

Our reservation team members have a passion for helping people make happy memories! Meet Elisabeth Yoho, Director of Reservations and hear her story of what Harris Vacation Rentals means to her. Our Reservations Team is devoted to driving bookings to your rental property!

Owner Testimonials

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Since the outset, I have had no problems with the rentals as Brian and company take care of everything including cleaning and maintenance. We chose to use a laundry service, as part of their recommendation, and that has worked well for us. Brian does a great job, very professional!

William (Bill) Moquin

Since the outset, I have had no problems with the rentals as Brian and company take care of everything including cleaning and maintenance. We chose to use a laundry service, as part of their recommendation, and that has worked well for us. Brian does a great job, very professional!

William (Bill) Moquin

Contact our investment specialists to learn more about maximizing your rental income or to start the vacation home-buying process with our real estate experts. We will be glad to discuss any of your concerns regarding Gulf Shores, Orange Beach and Fort Morgan Property Management.

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