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It’s time to put a little romance back into your relationship, or maybe just to ramp things up a bit! The beach can be pretty romantic, with the surf gently lapping at the bright white sand and splashing on your toes as you walk hand-in-hand with your sweetie while the sun sets the water and sky on fire as it slowly goes down over the horizon. Come on over to Orange Beach and get things started in our Orange Beach romantic vacation rentals!


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Spend Your Vacation Together in Our Orange Beach Romantic Rentals

Escape the routines and boredom of everyday life here at the beach. Do you both love the water? Rent a beachfront cottage or house on the bay. Most of our rentals have quick beach access, if they aren’t right on the beach. Rent a condo in a high-rise community, or a more secluded cottage, whichever fits your mood. Either way, the two of you can sleep late and have that first cup of coffee sitting on your deck, watching the dolphins and seagulls. Spend the day beachcombing, playing in the surf, or just lying in the sand.

Spend the day doing something you both love to do. Golfing? Fishing? Hiking and birdwatching? It’s all available nearby. Orange Beach has several beautiful area golf courses to choose from. Charter a deep sea fishing expedition or a quiet back bay adventure and spend the day fishing together. Later, grill your catch on your deck under the stars. Hike together as you explore the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trails.

Spend the day doing something new when staying in our Orange Beach vacation rentals! Try parasailing, sky diving or take a scuba diving class. Take a hot air balloon ride and slowly drift among the clouds while you enjoy a bird’s eye view of our beautiful Gulf coast.

Add a Little Romance

Enjoy a private sunset cruise complete with dinner while you cruise or sail along the coast. Or, pamper yourselves with spa treatments; facials, a full body polish, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage and more will have you feeling the romance.

And don’t forget dinner! Orange Beach has plenty of fine dining establishments. Dinner and drinks by candlelight will be the perfect end to a perfect day. Give our friendly staff a call for romantic dining suggestions. Or just stroll the beach and hit one of the lively beachfront bars for plenty of adult beverages, live music and oysters!

Romantic Rental Amenities

While the beach can be pretty romantic, your rental can be too! What better way to rekindle those romantic feelings than spending the entire day inside, lounging around in that soft, comfy bed. Order in and just stay in bed, binge-watching your favorite shows and movies, catching up on sleep, or doing whatever you want. Your rental’s bright, airy interiors with soft, cool color schemes are perfect for relaxing together. Lounge on your deck, hand-in-hand and watch the sunset and the stars come out from your very own Orange Beach romantic vacation rentals.

Give our knowledgeable staff a call for dining suggestions, or to find out where to get the best chocolates and flowers on short notice. We’d love to help!