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Many pet owners prefer to take their furry family members along with them on vacation, but unfortunately, it can be a serious challenge for travelers to find pet-friendly accommodations. At Harris Vacation Rentals, we understand how important it is for you to be able to have the option to bring your pet on your Gulf Coast getaway. This is why we have put together an extensive list of pet friendly vacation rentals Gulf Shores ALOrange Beach, and Fort Morgan that warmly welcome pets to stay on the property.

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Dog friendly
GuestsAdults: 8 BedroomsBedrooms: 2 BathroomsBathrooms: 2

Fountain of Youth

City of Gulf Shores
FROM: $176.00
Dog friendly
GuestsAdults: 23 BedroomsBedrooms: 8 BathroomsBathrooms: 8.5

Grande Vista

City of Gulf Shores
FROM: $529.00
Dog friendly
GuestsAdults: 18 BedroomsBedrooms: 6 BathroomsBathrooms: 5

Guylande Pass

City of Gulf Shores
FROM: $450.00
Dog friendly
GuestsAdults: 28 BedroomsBedrooms: 7 BathroomsBathrooms: 7

Hammock Dunes East

City of Orange Beach
FROM: $486.00
Dog friendly
GuestsAdults: 10 BedroomsBedrooms: 4 BathroomsBathrooms: 3.5

Just Nuts Too

City of Gulf Shores
FROM: $378.00
Dog friendly
GuestsAdults: 24 BedroomsBedrooms: 6 BathroomsBathrooms: 6.5

Just Piddling

City of Gulf Shores
FROM: $325.00
Dog friendly
GuestsAdults: 10 BedroomsBedrooms: 3 BathroomsBathrooms: 2

Keep it Simple

City of Gulf Shores
FROM: $206.00
Dog friendly
GuestsAdults: 10 BedroomsBedrooms: 3 BathroomsBathrooms: 3.5

Kiran Terrace Duplex A101

City of Gulf Shores
FROM: $141.00
Dog friendly
GuestsAdults: 20 BedroomsBedrooms: 6 BathroomsBathrooms: 7

Kiran Terrace Duplex A101 & A102

City of Gulf Shores
FROM: $270.00
Dog friendly
GuestsAdults: 10 BedroomsBedrooms: 3 BathroomsBathrooms: 3.5

Kiran Terrace Duplex A102

City of Gulf Shores
FROM: $141.00
Dog friendly
GuestsAdults: 8 BedroomsBedrooms: 4 BathroomsBathrooms: 3.5

Kiran Terrace Quadplex B101

City of Gulf Shores
FROM: $204.00
Dog friendly
GuestsAdults: 24 BedroomsBedrooms: 16 BathroomsBathrooms: 14

Kiran Terrace Quadplex B101-104

City of Gulf Shores
FROM: $744.00

Pet-Friendly Gulf Shores

You should never feel “chained down” to your pet—instead, take them along on your outings! Any time they can spend with you is time well spent to them; all you need to do is find a place that will welcome them!

Pet-Friendly Restaurants

Here are a few of the places that will show you and your faithful friend to a table.

Hog Wild BBQ

Hog Wild is a popular restaurant with some delicious barbecue. While most people get their food, eat, and leave, but they’ve got a nice outdoor seating area and a decent selection of drinks, so why not take your time? Hog Wild is on Gulf Shores Parkway right near Waterville—one person can take the kids to the water park while the other stays with the dog and enjoys a drink in our sunny weather!

The Flying Harpoon

A similar option to Hog Wild BBQ, but The Flying Harpoon focuses on seafood instead. It’s on Windmill Ridge Road, and its proximity to Gulf Shores Parkway makes it an easy stop if you’re on your way to or from the beach from the northern part of town.

Beach House Kitchen and Cocktails

This place is on W 11th Street—conveniently located for those who have hit the beach and are “dog” tired! Whether seafood, burgers, or macaroni, every customer here has something that keeps bringing them back. This place is sure to have your dog’s tail wagging!

Bill’s By The Beach

More centrally located than Beach House, Bill’s is on W. 2nd Street and Beach Boulevard. Their service is highly praised, so if you want to make sure your dog is around friendly people, this is a safe bet!

Daily Outings

It can be tough finding something that the whole family can enjoy, especially when one member has four legs! But there are still some options, such as:

Tiki’s Mini Golf and Bike Rentals

Located next to the zoo, Tiki’s will let well-behaved, leashed dogs onto the course. The course is shaded by oaks, so your hound will stay nice and cool!

The Dog Pond

Gulf State Park is already an ideal place for pets to stretch their legs, but The Dog Pond makes it even more exciting! Dogs can run and splash around to their hearts’ desires—it’s like a beach for canines! It’s also a nice place to meet other dog-owners—chat up some locals and see what else you can learn from them about the hidden gems of Gulf Shores, Alabama!

Benefits of Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals Gulf Shores AL

Choosing to stay in pet friendly vacation rentals in Gulf Shores instead of hotels has many advantages, specifically the way you can easily turn your rental home into your home away from home. This becomes especially important when you have your pet with you. Spacious properties with private yards will give your pet ample room to roam around freely and enjoy themselves. In a cramped hotel room, there is constant concern over the possibility of your pet escaping or making too much noise, causing disturbance complaints from other guests.

In addition, bringing your pet with you will alleviate their separation anxiety, as well as relieve any concerns you have about their care while you’re away and save you from having to pay expensive boarding fees. On top of this, our pet friendly rentals are more isolated than hotel rentals and are regularly cleaned to ensure the health of all our guests. 

Pet-Friendly Rentals from Harris Vacation Rentals

If you are a fan of traveling with your pet, finding a pet friendly vacation rental in Gulf Shores ALwill be a top priority. While planning your trip to the Alabama coastline, this will be an essential part of the process that our team of professionals at Harris Vacation Rentals will be more than happy to assist you with. We have a wide range of pet-friendly accommodations available that allow you to satisfy your size, location, and budget requirements.

Alabama’s Gulf Coast has plenty of pet-friendly attractions that everyone can enjoy. These include The Dog Pond at Lake Shelby, Orange Beach Waterfront Park, Orange Beach Dog Park, Graham Creek Nature Preserve, Gulf Shores Dog Park, and Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail. You will also discover a great deal of dining options that show furry guests just as much Southern hospitality as they show their human patrons.

When you book pet friendly vacation rentals Gulf Shores AL with us, you will never have to make the tough decision to leave your pet at home while you’re out of town. Get ready to enjoy the sun, surf, and sand with your four-legged best friend on Alabama’s breathtaking shores when you book our Gulf Shores pet friendly rentals. No matter how long you stay, we have a home for you with our wide selection of long term, monthly and weekly pet friendly Gulf Shores vacation rentals.


Q: What is the maximum number of pets allowed in your units?

A: The number pets allowed in each our rentals varies by unit, this number will be displayed on above the “pets” section on each unit’s individual page.