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Ahhh, springtime. The ocean is getting warmer and so is the weather. There’s a nice breeze blowing, flowers are blooming and the crowds haven’t hit the beach yet. Time to head to one of our secluded Fort Morgan beach rentals for a quiet spring getaway before Spring Break gets here and the hectic summer begins.

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What to Do Near Our Fort Morgan Beach Rentals

Spend your days roaming the beach. The bright, white sand and blue-green waters are beckoning. Sand dollars and pretty shells are waiting to be collected, dolphins are frolicking in the surf, and the gang is starting a beach volleyball tournament. Without the substantial crowds that can congest the beaches to the east during spring break, Fort Morgan beaches are quieter and more secluded, making them more enjoyable to beachgoers who have come here for a less exuberant beach experience. Do some serious beachcombing for that perfect souvenir without competition. Spread out on your towel and work on your tan without worrying about colliding with the person next to you. You can actually hear the sound of the waves breaking onto the sand. It really is peaceful here.

Rent one of our beachfront cottages and you can easily watch the kids play in the bright sand as you sit on the deck with that first cup of coffee. The kids can roll right out of bed and right onto the beach in front of your rental. The water may be a bit cool for swimming, but that’s the only thing you may want to postpone ‘til summer.
Grab your fishing gear and book a charter, rent a boat or kayak, or just fish off the dock or in the surf. It’s all about the beach and nature here in Fort Morgan. Many of our rentals come with private docks and boat ramps. Bring your own boat or rent one while you’re here and fish whenever you like. It can’t get any easier than that.

Take a step back in history and visit historic Fort Morgan. Now a museum, it’s a great example of a pentagonal-shaped masonry fort. Part of the country’s coastal defenses from the Spanish-American War up to WWII, the museum offers a wide variety of living history events, tours, and even an escape room. A great way to get kids involved in history, schedule your visit to coincide with the historic canon firings. And the Espionage at Mobile Point Escape Room will test everyone’s escape skills. As a captured Civil War spy, it is your duty to try to escape!

If you need to learn more about the area’s history, take a fun ferry ride across Mobile Bay to Dauphin Island and Fort Gaines, another historic masonry fort. As you cross the bay, imagine the fierce fighting during the Civil War Battle of Mobile Bay when Admiral Farragut shouted his now famous order, “Damn the torpedoes – full speed ahead!” Besides the fort, Dauphin Island is also home to many quaint shops, an Audubon Bird Sanctuary and the Dauphin Island Sea Lab.

Hike your way through the Bon Secour Wildlife Refuge. It’s on the Alabama Coastal Birding Trail, and spring is great for birdwatching. The refuge comes alive during migratory months, and some of the birds common to the trails in the spring are the double-crested cormorant, great blue heron, great egret, green-backed heron, yellow-crowned night-heron, osprey, killdeer, yellow-billed cuckoo, great horned owl, downy woodpecker, loggerhead shrike, black-and-white warbler, and the bright scarlet tanager. You may also see an occasional red-tailed hawk, American swallow-tailed kite, or burrowing owl if you’re lucky. Over 360 different bird species have been recorded in the refuge and spring at Bon Secour makes it easy to add to your life list.

Trails wind through coastal ecosystems including maritime forests, wetlands, dunes, a saltwater lagoon and transitional habitats between. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot an endangered Alabama beach mouse or sea turtle. And, keep on the lookout for egrets, hawks, coyote, and gators!

Where to Stay

From bright, colorful cottages and luxury houses right on the beach to high-rise condos with incredible views, Harris Vacation Rentals has a spring rental that you’re going to love. Our Fort Morgan beach rentals are located throughout the peninsula and come in a variety of sizes. Plus, you can select the rental that has the right amenities for your group: direct beach access, boat access, pet-friendly, private deck, outdoor grill or gourmet kitchen to name a few. And, several properties are in gated communities with access to their private pools, fitness rooms, and saunas.

Modest cottage or a luxury condo, secluded or in a gated community, beachfront or bayfront, facing east for enjoying the sunrise or west for viewing the gorgeous sunset—we have many options to choose from. And of course, all of our properties have lots of windows for expansive views of our gorgeous Gulf Coast scenery. If you have any questions, let our friendly staff here at Harris Vacation Rentals give you a hand. Call us today!