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Elisabeth Yoho
Dir. Reservations

How long have you been with HPM?
Next month will be 6 years! August 2011

Where do you reside?
Fairhope, Alabama

Which house is your favorite, why?
Barefoot. It is just such a special place to creat special memories!

Which homes have you stayed in?
Wings of Eagles- in 2010! Summer Wind, Romar House, Catalina, and Point Clear B.

Best tip for making the most of your trip to the beach?
“Hark, now hear the sailor’s cry.smell the sea and feel the sky, let your soul and spirit fly, into the mystic” -Van Morrison

The ocean makes me feel so small, to watch its calm, yet powerful movement is enchanting to me. Thinking about all that is under the surface is so exciting and breathtaking. So my advice would be to explore more than the shore! Take a fishing charter and catch a big ‘un, try some snorkeling, or for the fearless, dive! Just to simply take in nature’s beauty at the beach is such a gift!