Top 5 Brunch Spots in Gulf Shores, Alabama

It’s easy to sleep in here. The coolness of the ceiling fans and the soothing sound of the waves is enough to make any bed five times more comfortable. So, when you finally get up, ready for some protein and orange juice, where do you go if it’s already 11? Don’t worry—there are plenty of fine spots in the area! And don’t feel bad; southern food is plenty hearty, so two meals per day should be just fine!

Brick and Spoon

There are only about three Brick and Spoon restaurants—we’re grateful one of them is in Orange Beach! Brick and Spoon offers nice, large portions that’ll help you recuperate from the hardest of nights. Try their create-your-own bloody Mary to add a unique punch to your brunch! And of course, service is superb with friendly faces that’ll make you happy to take your seat. It’s on the northwest corner of Highway 180 and Gulf Bay Road.

The Ruby Slipper

Another Southern chain, this one specialized in brunch options, and is open earlier than most of the other options here. They offer tasty breakfast staples such as pancakes and bacon, delivered by friendly people. For consistent, reliable, quality eating, find The Ruby Slipper on Perdido Beach Boulevard, east of the Orange Beach Welcome Center.

Cobalt the Restaurant

Cobalt isn’t usually a brunch place, but when a place with favorites like shrimp fra diavolo opens its doors early, people take notice! Enjoy Cobalt’s Sunday brunch from 11 to 2. The single-ticket meal (beverages not included) nets you access to casseroles, salads, omelets, desserts, and more! Cobalt is on the north side of Perdido Beach Boulevard, touching the east side of Perdido Pass.

Hazel’s Nook

Here’s a retro spot that gives holes-in-the-wall a good name. The breakfast gets great reviews from locals, who love the buffet options, from fresh fruit to cheesy hash browns to an omelet station. Service here is typically pretty quick, so don’t be intimidated if it looks busy. One bonus to Hazel’s Nook is its central location; just go east at the Fort Morgan Road/Gulf Shores Parkway intersection and turn north into the parking lot.

Kitty’s Kafe

You don’t need to be fancy to be quality. The food here at Kitty’s is delicious and filling—exactly what you want in a brunch! From nice, large pancakes to delicious hash browns to Bloody Marys, this diner delivers on its reputation, and quickly becomes a go-to for many visitors. And don’t ever feel like you’re in a hurry: breakfast here is served all day! Kitty’s Kafe is near Gulf Shores Parkway; take the road and head east on Cypress Bend Drive to find it.

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Prawns looking tasty

Best Cheap, Local Restaurants in Gulf Shores/Orange Beach

It’s smart to look around and compare prices when you’re looking for restaurants. After all, even though we offer very affordable rentals, it’s good to make a practice of being thrifty elsewhere—especially when you don’t need to sacrifice quality!

The best spots to eat on vacation are local mom n’ pop shops—what’s the point of going to explore a new place if you’re just going to eat at the same place you always do? Instead, you should be looking for places where you can experience the local cuisine—and in a southern gulf town, it’s cooking you can’t get anywhere else! Here are a few ideas to get your mouth watering:


This is a great spot to visit while you’re on the beach. It’s not hard to understand why Sea-N-Suds has been around so long. You can get a delicious sandwich and a side here for $9 and enjoy it right by the Gulf! Their seafood is reasonably priced too, and fresh from the source. It’s the perfect place to grab “beach food!” You’ll find it by E. 3rd Street and E. Beach Boulevard in Gulf Shores.

Flip Flop Deli Shop

Despite the name, this restaurant is anything but a flop! The prices are quite the bargain given this restaurant’s combination of location, portion size, and service. They have a whole smorgasbord of different options— and each one is spectacularly delicious! Their offerings all make a great beach-outing bite: they offer pizza, snow cones, sandwiches, ice cream, and coffee! You’ll always get your money’s worth here. It’s on Beach Boulevard, west of 4th Street.

The Cove Bar and Grill

If you crave the bar scene but are worried about food prices, check out this spot! This casual spot is great for a good meal, with classic bar food like mozzarella sticks as well as southern staples like fried green tomatoes. For main courses, they feature sandwiches, salads, and wraps, with almost all offerings under $10—enjoy a meal while playing some billiards! It’s on (quite fittingly) Cove Avenue between Gulf Shores Parkway and W 2nd Street.

China King

Ranging from $6 lunch specials to the $12 chef specials and assortments of appetizers to add in for just $4 or less each, China King gives quite a lot of value! There’s an immense menu, too, so even people not fond of Chinese food are likely to find something that sounds delicious. Chinese restaurants may be hard to find in Baldwin County, but China King delivers! China King is in a strip mall on the north side of Alabama’s Coastal Connection in Orange Beach, but if you’re nearby you can even order online—perfect if you can’t stand leaving your vacation rental!

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Five Healthy Restaurants in Gulf Shores to Eat at Post Fourth of July

We all know the over-indulgences of sweets that happens each Halloween and Christmas, but the Fourth of July is just as bad for throwing some of us off our diets. You may be tired of fried shrimp and deep-fried food. If you want to go somewhere with some more wholesome options, then check out these restaurants. Keep in mind though, we love our food hearty in Gulf Shores, so you’ll have to keep your eyes off certain areas of the menus!

DeSoto’s Seafood Kitchen

Are you tired of seafood places that think everything is made better with gravy or heavy cream sauces? Try DeSoto’s then—they really emphasize the natural flavor of the food, with dishes like steamed snow crab legs and flounder almodine keeping things simple and wholesome. Keep in mind that a meal here will cost $20 or more—even so, the reviewers keep coming back to this gem. It’s a little off the beaten path near the southern end of Gulf Shores Parkway.

The Steamer Baked Oyster Bar

Right nearby DeSoto’s is another great option: The Steamer! Their website proudly boasts that there isn’t a crumb of fried food in their restaurant. If you’re looking to get away from the trans and saturated fats that clog your arteries, then have a hearty yet healthy meal at the Steamer!

Sunset Cork Room

Okay, we may be stretching what counts as “healthy,” but red wine is supposed to be good for your heart right? Really, we couldn’t fail to mention this gem. Their starters are easy on the palette, from the cheese plate to the salads. This is an upscale restaurant a little higher on the price, but everything they make is packed with flavor from skill and spice, not from fats and sugars. This great spot is tucked away on 16th Ave just east of Gulf Shores Parkway.

Brick and Spoon

If you’re new to the region and haven’t tried this Southern breakfast/lunch chain before, you’re in for a treat! Their portions are huge, but the prices reasonable for the quality and fantastic service. If you’re trying to eat light, go for the grilled veggie sandwich and farmer’s market benedict. But make room for their signature bloody mary. It has veggies so its healthy right? It’s on Canal Rd just a few blocks east of The Wharf on the way to Orange Beach.


Okay, so this is a little bit of a drive up into Foley, but its worth it. Portabella’s is a lovely Italian restaurant that features the staples: pizza, pasta, sandwiches, and most importantly, salads! A good salad can be hard to find in Gulf Shores, so if you want a plate of leafy greens that’ll still leave you full, you should try Portabella’s. It’s located in Foley on N. Mackenzie Street.

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