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Book a Beautiful Vacation Rental in Orange Beach AL

Alabama’s Gulf Coast is a vacation hotspot for a broad range of travelers. Whether you’re looking to break away from the chaos of everyday life and spend a week unwinding, or simply want a unique, fun-filled weekend spent with family, Orange Beach is the ideal spot to achieve your goals. However, in order to make your getaway everything you want it to be, you must choose the right accommodations. When you reserve a rental with Harris Vacation Rentals, you will experience what true Southern hospitality is all about. We have an extensive portfolio of properties to meet the individual needs of our guests and varying budgets. Click below to see our amazing Vacation Rentals in Orange Beach today!
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Orange Beach, Outstanding Beauty

Between the ocean and the natural beauty of the South, you may need to clear out room in your camera roll! The miles of beaches that Orange Beach enjoys are all lovely to visit, but perhaps none more so than Gulf State Park. The park also features the best ways to enjoy nature close up, with trails for you to explore and spots to relax and fish while watching the water. It hosts extensive campgrounds as well, so you can take some time away from your exquisite vacation home and rough it for a change!

Other trails, like the Backcountry Trails and the Coastal Birding Trails, are popular for showcasing the best of the south’s natural beauty while staying in our Orange Beach Alabama vacation rentals. These areas make fine pilgrimages for birdwatchers, as all sorts of birds are attracted to the area. Plus, you can see the marshes and swamps of the south up close—while they have a bad reputation as stagnant and sticky, these areas are surprisingly beautiful, combining land and water in a unique ecology.

Authentic Southern Cuisine

While many places in the country attempt to imitate Southern cooking, they usually only know a few dishes. Stay in one of our vacation rentals in Orange Beach and you’ll discover why so few southern natives are satisfied with what they find away from home! From Big Fish Restaurant to Doc’s Seafood Shack & Oyster Bar to Shipp’s Harbour Grill to Cobalt, The Restaurant, there are all kinds of delicious establishments eager to show you how delicious fresh seafood can be. And it doesn’t stop there—try places like Louisiana Lagniappe, Moe’s Original Barbecue, and Brick & Spoon to experience more fabulous, southern-style food! (Or as we call it here, “food.”)