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Actually, you can have a gorgeous view from just about anywhere on Fort Morgan! This end of the peninsula is so skinny that you can almost see across it, and you can see the beach from almost anywhere too. That said, here are a few ways to get the best, most gorgeous views you can while you’re here sightseeing in Fort Morgan.

Head to the Beach

Head to one of the public beaches in the area. Pristine white sand, bright blue water, and a balmy ocean breeze, it can’t be beat. One great thing about Fort Morgan is that it’s not as crowded as the other popular Gulf spots to the east, so you can enjoy the beach without the crowds. So, spread out a bit, lay back in the sand and watch the waves break on the sand. A few beach spots to hit include the beach at Fort Morgan or the beach at Gulf State Park. Both are nearby superb hiking trails with great views too.

Get Out on the Water for Some Sightseeing in Fort Morgan

Get out on the water for a great way to view the coast or the Gulf! Book the charter of your liking and let someone else do the driving while you sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride and the view. You can charter a fishing adventure and spend a day or half-day, trying to land that elusive trophy fish, or the catch-of-the-day for dinner. While you’re waiting for the fish to bite, you can enjoy the view of the Gulf and the coast. Book a dolphin watching tour, eco tour, sunset cruise, or sightseeing tour. You can tour the coastline, the IntraCoastal Waterway, Oyster Bay, Mobile Bay, Bon Secour River and more. Rent a kayak and head out yourself to quietly explore the back waters or take a guided tour of the back waters of the bay, the bayous, and marshes. It’s a beautiful, totally different perspective of the coastline.

Get High

The higher you are for Fort Morgan sightseeing, the better your view will be. You can rent a parasail and fly above the waves along the coast, or you can go even higher. Book a helicopter tour! Lost Bay Helicopter in Gulf Shores has several beach tours to choose from. Take the Beach Tour or take your honey on their Sunset Tour and watch the sun turn the sky around you orange. Their Sea & Wildlife Tour includes a search for the local dolphin pods as well as the beautiful coastline. And history buffs will love the Battle of Mobile Bay Tour with over 40 minutes of soaring high above Mobile Bay, Dauphin Island and Historic Fort Gaines and Historic Fort Morgan.

    • Lost Bay Helicopters
    • Jack Edwards National Airport, Gulf Air Center
    • 3190 Airport Drive, Gulf Shores AL
    • 772-834-4497

Gulf State Park

This coastal park has a little bit of everything for Fort Morgan sightseeing, all in one spot, and there are great views all around! Head to the long fishing pier and watch fishermen bring in their catch and enjoy a view of the ocean while watching sea gulls fight for a snack. Don’t forget to watch the action in and under the pier – there’s a lot going on in the water too. Enjoy miles of pristine public beaches where you can work on your tan, look for shells and watch for dolphins, or try your hand at geocaching; it’s a great way to explore the park while competing with your friends.

You can also explore the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail. Originally used by Native Americans as hunting trails, several multi-use trails make up the Backcountry Trail and take you through a series of six different ecosystems. All paths are accessible, and you can jog, walk, skate, Segway, and bike your way along paths past freshwater lakes, wetlands and marshes, and over longleaf sand ridges. The trail is now on the Alabama Coastal Bird Trail, making it a great stop for birdwatchers as well as birds. Watch for osprey, bald eagles, white tail deer, coyote, otters, alligator, and elusive bobcat.

      • Gulf State Park & Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail
      • 20115 State Highway 135, Gulf Shores, AL

Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge

Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge is one of the last undisturbed area in the state and along the Gulf Coast. Bon Secour means “safe harbor” and that is just what it provides to several endangered species, including the Alabama beach mouse, Loggerhead and Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles. Plus, it’s an important stopover for migrating birds and birdwatchers. It’s also a great spot for viewing coastal wildlife in their natural habitats. Alligators, armadillos, foxes, and shy bobcats are just a few of the animals you’ll be sharing the trails with. Enjoy the trails on your own or take a guided tour. Explore various coastal habitats as you wander the Refuge’s trails, including dunes, ancient maritime forests, pine flatwoods, freshwater and brackish marshes, and wetlands filled with pond cypress and black gum.

    • Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge
    • 12295 State Highway 180, Gulf Shores AL
    • 251-540-7720
    • Open daily 9am – 2pm