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Our goal is to ensure that both owners and their guests enjoy a high-quality experience with Harris Vacation Rentals. For this reason we make quality assurance a top priority, and why we have a dedicated team that manages the areas of maintenance, guest pre-arrival, risk mitigation, and housekeeping. 

Quality assurance can look different for owners and guests. For the owners we work with, this includes regular home inspections ensuring the property is well-kept, protected, and ready to meet guest needs. For visitors, they experience a clean environment and a handwritten note welcoming them to the property. 


We strive to offer preventative and on-site maintenance to ensure both owners and guests experience excellence. Our team conducts bi-annual home inspections to identify potential areas for repairs, and exchanges monthly air filters (a must in this ever-evolving health landscape). Owners will enjoy free home maintenance on repairs less than 30 minutes or $10. Additionally, guests can take advantage of our 24-hour emergency maintenance line if an issue arises. 


Every time a guest enters one of our vacation homes, we want the experience to be memorable. That process begins before they even enter the property. The pre-arrival step allows us to identify and fix any issues so they don’t derail the vacation experience. We also want every guest entering the home to feel personally welcomed, which is why visitors will find a handwritten note somewhere in the space. 


It’s no secret that the past three years have underscored the need to ensure cleanliness. We know that owners want their properties to feel clean and safe to guests, and our housekeeping standards fulfill that goal. Our housekeepers maintain the highest cleanliness standards. Cleanliness has become a matter of health, and we strive to put both owners and their guests at ease so they can focus on making the best vacation memories. 

We Provide the Best Experience for your Investment 

We understand that both owners and guests are making an investment. The former is investing in a beautiful vacation property, while the latter is investing in a memorable vacation experience. 

We have been helping families create their dream beach vacations in Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, and Fort Morgan for over three decades. Proper maintenance and upkeep can lead to a successful outcome for both parties. The Harris Vacation Rentals team is here to help both groups enjoy a safe and high-quality experience.