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Sometimes you just need to get away from everyone and everything that is crowding your life and stressing you out. Maybe it’s time to do a little soul searching or maybe you just need some alone time. Leave it all behind and come stay in our vacation rentals in Fort Morgan. This casual Gulf spot is less crowded and much quieter than other vacation destinations, and it’s an easy place to be on your own.

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What to Do Near Our Vacation Rentals in Fort Morgan

You don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to, and you don’t have to worry about pleasing or entertaining anyone else. Sounds like the perfect way to spend a vacation!

And what better place to do nothing than at the beach? Bright blue water and white beaches invite you to wander along at your own pace. Spend your day beachcombing, or just lay in the sand reading or listening to the healing sound of the surf.This is the perfect place to work on your tan uninterrupted, while you think deep thoughts, or just nap. With one of our beach-front cottages, you’ll be able to take that stroll in the surf anytime, just walk out your door. Or, grab your favorite beverage, sit on your private deck or patio and watch the dolphins and pelicans cavort.

When you’re up to other activities near our rentals, you can zone out while you fish in the surf or off one of the public piers. This is the perfect time to learn a new fishing technique. Fishing in the back bay or a lagoon is different than surf fishing or trolling. Book a deep sea fishing excursion for some serious one-on-one guidance with an experienced charter boat caption. Paddling a kayak or paddleboard in the surf, bay or in the backwater is a great way to commune with nature. Fishing from a kayak or paddleboard is fun too. Get close to nature as you recharge. If you’re lucky, you’ll be joined by a pod of frolicking dolphins.

Or immerse yourself in history at the Fort Morgan Historic Site. There’s nothing like history to put things in perspective, and Fort Morgan is steeped in history; from the War of 1812 through WWII, this masonry pentagonal fort has been an integral part of the country’s coastal fortifications. After taking in the fort and museum, walk the beaches and do some birdwatching, as the fort is a part of the Alabama Coastal Birding Trail.

Do some deep thinking and get some more exercise while hiking the trails of the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge. This 7,000-acre refuge is also part of the Alabama Coastal Birding Trail, and with over six miles of trails, you’ll be sure to see plenty of wildlife and birds. A prime stopover spot for migrating birds, the refuge is also a year-round home to many endangered species including the elusive Alabama beach mouse. Several trails wind through the various ecosystems found along the coast, and you can enjoy hiking through sand dunes and beaches, scrub forests, fresh and saltwater marshes, and freshwater swamps. If you’re lucky, you’ll see alligators, armadillos, and maybe even a red fox or bobcat! Be sure to climb to the top of the Observation Tower for a great Instagram-worthy view of the refuge and Alligator Lake.

Where to Eat

Eating alone has always been a problem for some people. For those who don’t care and for those who have never met a stranger, head to Tacky Jack’s. A crowded tourist spot, it’s always hoppin’. Right on the Intracoastal Waterway, you can enjoy the view from one of the many outdoor decks or through the huge window wall. It’s a spot where it’s easy to stay by yourself or join in the boisterous fun of the crowd. Your choice. Maybe you just want something light. Head over to the Flip Flop Deli Shop for ice cream. Come as you are, this little beach shack serves up sandwiches, nachos and more with a smile.

And, if you still want to be alone, just order ahead at one of the local spots for takeout. Or, get a takeout pizza from Sassy Bass Restaurant; they also have a convenience store and package store. Take advantage of your rental’s fully equipped kitchen and cook your own gourmet meal at your leisure. Or, grill your fresh catch of the day out on your patio. Many of our vacation rentals in Fort Morgan have grilling areas and some are equipped with their own grills too. Your hard-won catch of the day will taste amazing.

Where to Stay

At Harris Vacation Rentals, we have several smaller one bedroom Fort Morgan condos located in resort communities. You can be alone, but part of a community for safety. These high-rise condos have private balconies perched high in the sky for amazing views of the gulf, or rent a ground-floor rental with a patio and close beach access.

You can always stay in a larger secluded house right on the bay or a beachfront cottage. There is no rule that says one person can’t enjoy a larger rental. If you see one of our larger, multi-bedroom rentals that piques your interest, that has the right amenities and is in the right location, go for it. You’ll be able to spread your things out, and sleep in a different bedroom each night to mix things up. It could make for a brand-new tradition for you. This is Fort Morgan – no one judges.

All of our vacation rentals in Fort Morgan have the same amenities you’ll need for your stay, and amazing ocean views. No matter what you want – private dock or direct beach access, swimming pool or spa, or a pet-friendly rental (who says you have to be totally alone?) – we have a property that will be just right for your solo vacation in Fort Morgan. Beachcombing, fishing or hiking, you’ll love spending time alone with nature here in Fort Morgan. Let our staff at Harris Vacation Rentals help you make this solo vacation full of great memories. Give us a call today!