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You’ve heard of parasailing. You’ve seen pictures and videos of people doing it. They lift off the water, soaring above at high speeds, yet safe from danger. Low risk, high thrills—it may seem like a special experience for the wealthy or famous, but it’s more accessible than you think!

Parasailing Gulf Shores is as fun as it looks, so what’s stopping you from trying it? If you’re staying in a beach town, you should take advantage of it and enjoy an aquatics-only thrill that you can’t get anywhere inland! You’ll forget about the money you spent, but you’ll remember the feeling of lifting on the water and letting the world drop away from you. It’s an experience that must be felt, not described.

So why not go for it? There are two great choices for parasailing in the Gulf Shores area; if you’re interested in the thrill of a lifetime, look up one of these two places below.

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Ike’s Beach Service

Ike’s is a company that boasts a host of services, from setting up chairs and umbrellas to renting out volleyball nets. They also feature Gulf Shores parasailing, carrying people up on tethers that stretch as far as FAA regulations will allow! If you’re looking for an eight-minute ride that gives you an unparalleled view of the area, these guys are worth talking to.

Reservations here are ideal but not always needed. Ike’s rides cost $65 per person, not including tax. You can also purchase a photo package to ensure your moment of aerial awe is captured forever!

Pleasure Island Parasail

With several locations in the Gulf Shores area, Pleasure Island Parasail is bound to be right up the way from your rental! They’ll take you up as high as you please, and can even offer a free-fall landing that simulates a parachute drop; it’s perfect for thrill-seekers!

Other options here include tandem parasails as well as jet-ski rentals. Pleasure Island gets great reviews for its customer service, so whatever you choose, you’re sure to have a blast!

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