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The classic vacation involves a couple traveling somewhere else with their 1 to 4 kids for a few days, but larger rental properties are changing this tradition. With six-, seven-, and eight-bedroom rentals, the options for a vacation are nearly infinite! If you’re part of the typical 3- to 7-person family, getting such a large place to stay may seem unnecessary. But, there are plenty of perks to these large-group rentals. This is especially true of vacation rentals in Gulf Shores.

They’re A Great Deal

As property size goes up, so does cost—but not every company keeps that ratio reasonable. With Gulf Shores, you can enjoy a gorgeous beach home with room for ten people for just $20 per person per night. If you’ve got a party where everyone can pitch in, this quickly becomes a much better deal than a hotel!

They Have Unbeatable Beachfront Locations

Our Gulf Shores properties enjoy phenomenal proximity to the shoreline. For those who have always dreamed of falling asleep to the sound of the waves or waking up to the distant call of gulls, these properties are perfect. The beachfront dream is one many people chase—why not enjoy it yourself, if only for a few days?

They’ve Access to Unique Southern Seafood Cuisine

There’s a reason people from the south get homesick so easily: our cuisine can’t be beat! And for a real treat, try seafood southern style. Here you can get southern-fried catfish, shrimp and grits, and more comfort foods that’ll leave you hankering to come back.

They’re Near Great Beaches for Groups

Many of our rental properties are so close to the beach, you could throw a football into the waves from your porch! This is great because beaches are perfect for large groups—there’s plenty of space and you never need a reservation! Plus, there’s something for everyone. The most active people can surf, while the more leisurely minded can tread water in the waves or just sunbathe. Or, grab your party and set up a game of volleyball!

They’re Pet-Friendly

Anyone who has tried renting knows that many lessors are not fond of pets. But at Harris Properties, we know how important our furry friends are, and want to make vacations easier by allowing them. Look for the pawprint in the upper-right of the property’s picture to see if it’s pet-friendly. Your dog or cat can enjoy your beach palace with you! So, if you have a large party to stay with, choose Harris Properties. Call us at 1-877-446-4853 today to set up your vacation!


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