What’s It Like Being a Property Owner with Harris Vacations?

Harris Vacations Staff Writer | August 1, 2023

Beach houses have always been considered an ideal getaway, even in ancient times and cultures. The Polynesians built their homes right on the sand and rocks of tropical islands, while the monks of Ireland used to situate their living spaces atop tall seaside cliffs. Today, Americans flock in droves to the beach for vacations and getaways. Because of this, owning a beachside property can be an excellent investment, but it can also be a lot to manage, which can cause significant stress. To make it worth your while, Harris Vacations is here to ensure that your beach house rentals in Orange Beach stay busy all year. However, don’t just take our word for it. Keep reading for a testimonial from our Harris Vacations property owners, Jeromy and Cristyn Watkins:

When Jeromy and Cristyn first bought their beachside Fort Morgan rental, Cristyn’s father lived close by and helped them manage their new property. Once he retired, however, the Watkinses realized they would need a reliable company to help lighten the heavy load that comes with property management. Cristyn had this to say about finding Harris Vacations:

“I think a lot of it came back to when we had looked at the other [property management] competitors several years ago; there just wasn’t that connection. Having one of the business owners come out and meet you personally was a game changer. We really didn’t look anywhere else after that … we like nice, kind, genuine people, and that’s really what Harris felt like.”

Jeromy and Cristyn still feel, more than two and a half years later, that Harris Vacations was the best property management option. Jeromy said, “The main thing that Harris wants is to do the right thing.” Cristyn continued, “When you can literally trust somebody and not fly down to look at your property [after a hurricane] … that’s profound.”

At Harris Vacations, we’re honored to be trusted with the care and management of many property owners’ rentals. From Florida’s Orange Beach to the Gulf Shores of Alabama, we’ve helped many aspiring property owners turn their rentals into must-have spots for tourists, vacationers, and business executives. Whether you’re looking for property management services or beach rentals in Gulf Shores, we’ve got you covered. Our expert, attentive team is available and ready to help. For more information, visit our website today!



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