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Deposits are due at the time of booking. All payments made for deposit apply toward the final balance of the reservation. The deposit is not a security deposit and will not be refunded after your reservation is completed.

All reservations are charged non-refundable fees which are included in your deposit at the time of booking. Non-refundable fees are identified as the processing fee, cancellation fee, and paid travel insurance.

If booking more than 180 days prior to arrival date a deposit of 10% of your reservation total is due. If booking less than 180 days, a deposit of 50% is due at the time of booking. The total balance of your reservation is due 60 days prior to your arrival date.

Booking Deposit

10% due at time of booking if more than 180 days prior to arrival

50% of the BALANCE OF the TOTAL reservation

Due 180 days prior to arrival, or at the time of booking if arrival date is less than 180 days

Final Payment

Due 60 days prior to your arrival date

Please check your reservation for accuracy and call us immediately with any discrepancies. Please note that reservations made online that do not meet the booking restriction requirements will not be valid.

payment options:

Listed below are the payment options we offer from our most to least preferred:

1) Debit Card – We will gladly waive our processing fee if you choose to pay with a debit card. This is our preferred method of payment.

2) Credit Cards (MasterCard, Discover, Visa, American Express) – We gladly accept these cards and they are our second most preferred option.

3) Checks – We will accept checks, but we cannot accept checks to book the reservation. Payment has to be made at the time of booking with either option #1 or #2 above. Checks are accepted for the balance of the reservation provided the checks are deposited prior to the payment dates listed above.

Please note that a 3% credit card processing fee will be added to each credit card transaction. Guests may use a debit card or check for the entire purchase price of the reservation to make a payment at no additional charges.

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