Payments and Policies


Harris Properties is pleased to offer several different payment options. Please contact us when you are ready to book and we will create your customer file and secure your reservation.

Initial Payments:

– One half of your total will be due immediately when you create your reservation.  Your initial payment must be processed by credit card or e-check. Guests will now have the following options concerning initial payments.

  • Pay your initial payment in full by providing credit card or e-check information
  • Provide payment in the amount of $200 via credit card or e-check, and mail a paper check for the remaining balance

Final Payments:

– Your remaining balance is due in full 30 days prior to your check-in date.

You may be requested to pay in full when making your reservation depending on your reservation arrival date.

Payment Options:

Listed below are the payment options we offer from our most to least preferred:
1) Debit Card – We will gladly waive our processing fee if you choose to pay with a debit card.  This is our preferred method of payment.
2) E-Check or Paper Check – We will gladly accept your check, money order, or E-check if you are beyond 30 days before your check-in date.  Unless you are a repeat guest, you must us an electronic payment to book your stay; you may pay your balance with a paper check if you like.
** What is an E-Check?  You simply provide us the numbers off of the bottom of your check that we would have received if you had mailed it to us.  We use those numbers to process the check instantly saving you the time and money of mailing.**
3) MasterCard and Discover – We gladly accept these two cards and they are our second most preferred option.
4) Visa and American Express – We can take these cards but we ask that you use one of the other options.  These are expensive for us to process and we try to keep costs down for you, our guest.



Please note than only one discount can be applied per reservation. Multiple discounts cannot be applied to the same reservation.

Rental Rules:

The Guest agrees to abide by the Rental Rules listed here and in the home at all times while at the property and shall require all members of the rental party and anyone else the Guest permits on the property to abide by the same at all times while at the property.


Our properties are valuable and reasonable care should be taken with them during your rental. We have purchased and are covered by an owner’s insurance policy that reimburses our costs for unintentional accidental damage to our units during their rental. Thus, we do not collect and hold refundable damage deposits, except in certain special situations. We charge renters a nonrefundable $22.50, $39.00 or $49.00 administrative fee (depending on the specific property) to defer our costs for this protection. If, during your stay, you or a member of your party or your guest causes any damage to real or personal property of your rental unit as a result of unintentional accidental acts or omissions, you must notify management at that time. You are liable to us, and the credit card on file will be charged, for any damages caused by you or a member of your party or your guest that are not reimbursed to us or exceed the $1,500 or $3,000 maximum per-incident limit of our coverage. If you wish to pay a $1,000 refundable (net of any damage reimbursement) security deposit, please notify us before check-in. Special or large event or pet deposits may be charged in certain situations.


The Guest shall allow Homeowner/Property Manager and their various service providers access to the property for purposes of repair and inspection.  This right to access shall be exercised in a reasonable manner.


All of the units are privately owned; the owners and or property managers are not responsible for any accidents, injuries or illness that occurs while on the premises or its facilities. The home owners and/or management company are not responsible for the loss of personal belongings or valuables of the guest. By accepting this reservation, it is agreed that all guests are expressly assuming the risk of any harm arising from their use of the premises or others whom they invite to use the premise.


We strive to present you a vacation home that well-kept and in a clean condition.  If you arrive and find the home is not in a clean condition please notify us immediately so that we can come and correct the problem.

– There is no daily housekeeping service. The cleaning fee that you have paid is for a cleaning at the end of your stay for the next guest.  If you would like a cleaning service during your stay we can arrange that at an additional charge.

– Bed and bath linens are included in the unit.  We do not want these to go out onto the deck or to be used on the beach.  We ask that you bring your own beach towels.

Age Requirement:

We love people of all ages, and we want everyone to enjoy our homes.  However, we do require that an adult 25 years or older to reserve the home and be present at the home during your entire stay. We do not rent to anyone under the age of 25.  We have no exception to this policy.  If you are found to not be in compliance with this policy you will be immediately evicted from the premises without a refund of any amount.

***Harris Properties reserves the right to refuse a reservation or booking at their discretion***

Pet Policy

Some of our properties are pet friendly for dogs.  We require a $75 pet fee for each pet.  This fee is not a deposit and will not be returned to you after your stay.  We limit the number of pets to two with a few minor exceptions.  We reserve the right to not allow pets for any reason that we deem acceptable. Pet passes are provided once your reservation is paid in full. Please display your pet pass on your vehicle at all times during your stay. Please note that these passes can be subject for audit by Harris Properties Management personnel.

Rules for our pet owners:

–      You are responsible for cleaning up after any pet accidents that your pet has.  This must be an immediate and thorough cleaning of the area.  In addition to this cleaning you are required to report this incident to us immediately so that we can schedule a thorough disinfecting.

–      You are not to leave the pet unattended at the property.  (Unless they are securely locked I a kennel that you provide.)

–      Pets are at no time and for no reason allowed on furniture or beds.

–      Pets are at no time and for no reason allowed to be on or in contact with any towels, blankets, sheets, wash cloths or any other such item in the home.

–      You are not welcome to wash your pet in the bath tub or shower.

–      There should not be excess hair from your pet in the home.  You are responsible for cleaning any such hair before you depart.

–      It is your responsibility to report and pay for any damage caused by your pet.  Please remember that your financial obligation if for the full amount that it will cost Harris Properties Management, Inc. to make the damage like new for the next guest.

–      Under no circumstance and for no duration of time can your pet be allowed to harass or impose on another guest, be it a guest of Harris Properties Management, Inc., a guest of another management company, or another property owner.  If it is deemed by Harris Properties Management, Inc. that your pet is causing a disturbance you will be asked to find another location to house your pet for the duration of your stay.  If you are not able to control your pet or find alternative accommodations, you will be evicted without compensation.


Harris Properties Cancellation Policy:

Please Read out HPM Cancellation Policy page


Hurricane Policy

It is the policy of Harris Properties Management, Inc. to not refund money in the event of a hurricane. We understand that this can occur during your stay and HIGHLY recommend the purchase of trip insurance for your protection.

If there is a mandatory evacuation, you MUST evacuate.  Under no circumstances will you be permitted to stay in the home under such an evacuation.  Harris Properties Management, Inc. is not responsible for you or your belongings when you are evacuating the area.

Harris Properties Management, Inc. will begin immediately to prepare the homes for the storm and will not be able to discuss any storm related refunds or issues during what will be an extremely busy and stressful time. We appreciate your patience with us in during this process.

What should you do now?  The National Weather Service does a fantastic job of spotting, tracking, and informing the public about storm threats.  The Service will announce a storms threat days or a week in advance.  When this happens we must be in a wait and see mode.  Until the storm is closer to landfall, we will not have a clear understanding about where the storm will hit and what precautions will be needed.

Causes of Ejection of Undesirable Guest laws of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach

You are reserving your unit under the authority of the Causes of Ejection of Undesirable Guest laws of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach.  The causes of ejection are listed for you below.

  • If you, the named party of reservation, are found to be under the age of 25 years old.
  • If the named party of reservation is not present at the unit, in direct supervision of the guests or invitees at the unit, or cannot become present and maintain direct supervision of the guests or invitees at the unit within an immediate and appropriate time.
  • If the capacity of the unit is exceeded by daytime visiting guests or night-time occupants of the unit.
  • If damage to the unit is visible or otherwise evident.
  • If the guests or invitees of the unit are in any way disrupting the peaceful occupation of the neighboring homes.

Ejection of the guest, their possessions, and their invited guests will be completed pursuant to the law if the guest is deemed in violation of any of these listed items.