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Hangout Festival Cancellation Policy-

Due to the Cancellation of the 2020 Hangout Music Festival, we are willing to offer 100% refunds for dates May 14-18. If you are interested in keeping your reservation and still using your vacation rental, you may be eligible for a discounted rate.

*If you would like to reschedule your stay, you may reschedule for any dates in 2020 at the same property.

COVID-19 Cancellation Policy- 

**Please understand that we are modifying our policy as we get more information from the government and health officials. **

I have/had a check-in date between March 1st and April 17th and I want to cancel due to the government-mandated beach closures.  What do I do?

With government closure of the beaches, we can no longer fulfill our side of the vacation rental agreement.  Due to that fact, we are allowing a full 100% refund.

I have a check-in date of April 17th or later.  What do I do?

As of right now, there are no planned beach closures beyond April 17th.  Therefore you will have access to the other modified cancelation policies that are listed below.

**If the beach closures are extended, you will be eligible for a full 100% refund if your check-in falls into the “beach closure window.**

I have already canceled/postponed my trip but now my dates fall into the “beach closure window” and I would rather have a full refund.  What do I do?

You are eligible for this new modified 100% refund policy.  We are working on a daily basis to respond to news and adjust our policy to be fair to all parties involved.  You are eligible for a full refund if your check-in date falls into the “beach closure window.”

I purchased “Cancel for Any Reason” trip insurance.  What do I do?

You will file a claim with Red Sky insurance.  You are eligible for a 75% refund with your policy.

Click here to go to the Red Sky website.

I purchased the basic “Sun Protector” trip insurance (not the cancel for any reason).  What do I do?

You will need to reach out to Red Sky to see if you have a covered claim.

Click here to go to the Red Sky website.

I elected to not protect my trip with either of these two trip insurance options.  What can I do?

We have adjusted our cancellation policy in an attempt to be fair to all parties involved.  Fair to the guest. Fair to the homeowner. Fair to Harris Vacation Rentals, a small family-owned business.

> We have amended our policy to allow for a 50% refund of the nightly rental for reservations checking in before 5/29/2020.

*The fees that you have paid in addition to your nightly rent (cleaning fee, pet fee, guest service fee, damage waiver fee) will be refunded in full.

I elected not to protect my trip and I would like to reschedule my dates.

> You may elect to move your travel dates to another time if your check-in date is before 5/29/2020.

*You must select a time in the same property.

*You must select dates that fall in this current year.

I booked through VRBO and purchased trip insurance through them.

If you booked trip insurance through VRBO or CSA you will need to reach out to them for information about your policy.  We have nothing to do with that policy.

Click here to visit the CSA trip insurance website.

Please allow us to work through a very high call volume to get back to you.  We are working hard to serve each of our guests at this difficult time.

Please submit questions pertaining to insurance to Red Sky or your insurance carrier.

Click here to go to the Red Sky website.

Standard Cancellation Policy-

100% Refund

  • Cancel within 24 Hours and receive a 100% no questions asked refund.


When can I Cancel?

  • Guests may cancel within 24 hours of booking.

We will not accept a cancellation beyond the 24-hour cutoff date.

  • We understand that emergencies can arise and HIGHLY recommend the purchase of Trip Cancellation and Travel Insurance. for your protection of your vacation investment. Contact us today to secure Trip Cancellation and Travel Insurance for your protection.


Trip Cancellation and Travel Insurance is based on the total cost of your stay.