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Kendra Cline
Office Administration

How long have you been with HPM?
4 weeks

Where do you reside?
Orange Beach, AL

Which house is your favorite, why?
I have only seen a couple of our homes in person. Out of those few the ones that really stood out to me was Summer breeze & Dolphine View for the breathtaking views of multiple bodies of water. These units are a short walk to the Gulf as well as directly accesible to Little Lagoon which is perfect for kayaking or paddleboarding.

Which homes have you stayed in?
Not any yet.

Best tip for making the most of your trip to the beach?
Cant stress sunscreen enough! Ive seen so many folks get unbearabley burnt their first day beaching it. This can easily be prevented. And stay hydrated, its hot! Also, Gulf shores, Orange Beach & Fort Morgan have miles of bike trails & walking trails most through our beautiful maritime forest. This is great for a dose of nature while changing up the scenery from the beach. I would also like to sugest an off shore fishing excursion especially during snapper season, many local restaurants will cook your catch for you! Or rent a pontoon for the day & exploring our waters & coast that way.