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Watch the Sun Set at Fort Morgan

Historic Fort Morgan is a site to behold in and of itself, so it’s an added bonus that the fort is also the perfect place to view the Alabama sunset over Mobile Bay. Located on the east side of the bay, 40 minutes from Gulf Shores, Fort Morgan was a Confederate base before falling to the Union Army in 1864. Fort Morgan closes before sunset, so it’s recommended you park just past the ferry and walk down to the beach. From the beach, you’ll watch the waters of Mobile Bay to your north and the waters of the Gulf of Mexico to your left.


Cruise with the Dolphins

Dolphins riding the wake of your boat? A sunset over the Gulf of Mexico? Yes and yes. You can have both with a dolphin cruise in Gulf Shores. While you’re in Gulf Shores, you can’t miss these family-friendly tours. Options include Cold Mill Fleet Dolphin Cruises and Alabama Dolphin Cruise. If you take one of their evening trips, you can watch the sunsets while the dolphins cruise the wake of your boat. Trips cost around $20. Consider taking a double dolphin cruise through Cold Mill: Two 50-foot boats ride alongside each other and create a wake that dolphins love to jump through.


Watch a Blue Angels Air Show

The Blue Angels put on a spectacular aerial show most Tuesdays and Wednesdays over the Gulf. The Blue Angels are the Navy’s flight demonstration squadron. Their shows are essentially acrobatics for jet planes. View the show for free from the National Naval Aviation Museum. You can purchase chairs for $3 each. Water and concessions are on site. The performances start around 11:30 a.m. and last about 55 minutes.


Kayak or Paddleboard Wolf Bay

Wolf Bay, part of Orange Beach Waterfront Park, contains 44,700 acres of freshwater and saltwater. Paddling through it gives visitors a chance to get up close and personal with the incredible wildlife in the bay, including manatees, sea turtles, dolphins and alligators (well, don’t get close to those). Launch your kayak or paddleboard from the 400-foot pier that extends into Wolf Bay. For a longer trip in the Bay, you can follow the Orange Beach Canoe Trail.


Get a Bird’s Eye View of the Gulf While Parasailing

Sure, the beach is nice. And so is your beachside restaurant. And the sunset from Fort Morgan is to die for. But what about getting a birds-eye view of the Gulf by parasailing? In Gulf Shores, there are multiple outfits to parasail with. Bonus: The kids can do it, too. Feel the rush of the wind on your bare feet as your soar high up in the sky and watch the wake of your boat chop up the Gulf waters.