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It’s easy to find all the touristy things to do while you’re here in Orange Beach. Just look for the crowds, right? It’s great fun to visit all those popular spots when you’re in tourist mode, but sometimes it’s nice to head to a less crowded spot and to see things that maybe you missed on your last trip to the Gulf. Same Gulf fun, just some new places and stories. Here are five under the Orange Beach attractions to visit.

Elberta – Dinosaurs, Bamahenge, and the Lady in the Lake!

Head north of Orange Beach about 14 miles, and you’ll find some crazy, fun stuff in Elberta: Dinosaurs, Bamahenge, and the Lady in the Lake. You can thank local dairy mogul George W. Barber. He commissioned these dinosaurs, giant sculptures, and the Stonehenge replica – Bamahenge. Life sized t-rexes and brontos, giant metal spiders and more creatures lurk on the grounds and hide in the tree line! Oh, and there’s a really big lady in the lake by the marina. If you’ve got kids, or just love fun, quirky stuff, you won’t want to miss this. Take a few selfies with a Bamahenge backdrop, and a few pics of the kids with the local triceratops. It’s fun and free things to do near Orange Beach AL!

Barber Marina
Barber Pkwy, Elberta Alabama

Coastal Arts Center of Orange Beach

Overlooking scenic Wolf Bay, The Coastal Arts Center of Orange Beach not only offers visitors a lovely view of the bay, but also offers lovely works of art for viewing. Their expansive art gallery showcases local Gulf Coast artists. Visitors can watch glass artists transforming lumps of glass into lovely works of art, or lumps of clay into pretty pottery. Why not take a lesson or two, or attend one of the make-your-own glass and pottery works of art in either studio? You can buy a few pieces of local art at the gift shop and take home your own art piece too.

If you’re visiting during the second week of March, the Art Center hosts their annual fine arts show. The grounds of the Arts Center, with old oak trees draped in Spanish moss, make it the perfect place for weddings and other special events like that annual family reunion.

Coastal Arts Center of Orange Beach
26389 Canal Road, Orange Beach Alabama
Monday – Friday 91m – 4pm, closed on weekends

The Indian and Sea Museum

Two intriguing topics in one cute little museum! The Orange Beach Indian and Sea Museum is housed in a historic old schoolhouse (built in 1910) complete with a bell tower. Orange Beach and the Gulf area have a rich Native American history as well as a history steeped in fishing and sea faring. Exhibits include arrowheads, portraits of Creek Indian chiefs, pottery, stone knives, wooden boat helms, and fishing rods. Families of area fishermen and local farmers have donated collectibles and equipment used back in the day. And there are plenty of trophy sailfish and stuffed birds around to keep the younger kids interested.

Admission to the museum is free, and it’s open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am to 4pm, or with reservations for groups of five or more. It’s an enjoyable way to spend an hour or two, out of the sun and heat, learning about life in Orange Beach in a by-gone era.

The Indian and Sea Museum
25850 John M Snook Drive, Orange Beach Alabama

Orange Beach Attractions at Robinson Island & Bird Island Park

Bird Island is owned by the state and Robinson Island was purchased by Orange Beach in 2003. They are both now fully protected from development in order to preserve the native plant and wildlife found there. Both islands are bird and wildlife sanctuaries, and important nesting sites for wading herons and terns.

Robinson and Bird Islands are both part of the Orange Beach Islands. This chain of small islands is visible from the beach and are accessible only by boat, kayak, jet skis or the like. Robinson Island may be the most popular of these small, picturesque islands with residents and visitors enjoying boating or kayaking out to its pristine white beaches. If you’ve been to Orange Beach before, the islands make a nice break from the public beaches if you’re looking for things to do near Orange Beach AL.

Robinson Island & Bird Island Park
Orange Beach Islands

Scuba Diving

Scuba sites off the Gulf Coast are part of the country’s largest artificial reef program, and there are sites for both novice and experienced divers. Scuba devotees can choose between shore diving (right from the beach) or booking a charter for diving at more remote sites. And at all the sites, there’ll be plenty of sea life keeping you company. Moray eels, snapper, and barracuda like nothing better than hanging out in the wrecks scattered along the sandy ocean floor. Time to try out that fancy underwater camera!

The public beaches offer a variety of interesting dives that are accessible with just a short swim from the beach – try the Whiskey Wreck or the Perdido Pass Jetties. For wreck diving further out, try the LuLu or the Oriskany. Don’t dive yet? Take a class! Many of the local area dive shops offer equipment rental and classes too.