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The Southern Grind

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A homegrown jack-of-all-trades business in the beautiful town of Orange Beach, The Southern Grind represents the best of Southern hospitality. At both their Wharf location and their Hotel Indigo location, you can find everything from a delicious menu specializing in breakfast, pastries, paninis, sandwiches, and wraps, to a unique handcrafted souvenir to commemorate your time in Orange Beach.

That’s right—The Southern Grind is not only a coffeehouse and restaurant, but also a home décor and gift store that even offers a nitro bar with cold brew coffee on tap and a semi-private table that seats as many as fourteen for bridal parties, painting parties, and even business meetings. Find out more about this incredible shop and restaurant down below!

Grab a Bite to Eat Near Rosemary Dunes Trailhead

The Southern Grind’s newest location inside of the Hotel Indigo is just steps away from the beach and the Rosemary DunesTrailhead, meaning that if you’re staying on the beach, you’re just moments away from enjoying an incredible coastal dining experience.

The Rosemary Dunes Trailhead is a famously gorgeous section of the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail that takes visitors through a winding landscape of rolling coastal dunes, towering pine trees, swathes of wildflowers, and cattails blowing in the breeze. The trail is also great for wildlife watching, giving visitors the opportunity to see alligators, reptiles, and a plethora of bird species.

After spending some time hiking, biking, or running out on the trail, you can revitalize yourself with a cup of coffee and a hearty yet healthy meal. Enjoy breakfast creations like croissandwiches and breakfast biscuits, a jalapeno potato scramble, pear and pecan cinnamon French toast, and avocado egg melts. Or if you finish with your trail hike a little later in the day, you can try their chicken fiesta wrap, ranch chicken and bacon panini, French dip sandwiches, or one of their amazing salads with grilled chicken. Pizzas, quesadillas, and homemade soups are also available. Top off your meal with a decadent pastry, whether it’s a muffin, cooie, brownie, or a cinnamon roll, or cool down with one of their smoothies, frappes, or gelatos (Italian ice cream.)

Another benefit of stopping at The Southern Grind for a mouthwatering meal? You can bring your pet along, too! Unlike many restaurants and stores, The Southern Grind is exceedingly pet-friendly—so much so, in fact, that their location at The Wharf has its own Pooch Porch, a pet-friendly courtyard. Their Hotel Indigo location along the Rosemary Dunes Trailhead is also pet-friendly. And both locations have free wi-fi! It’s truly a great rainy day getaway.

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To learn more about The Southern Grind and other can’t-miss places you’ll want to check out during your time in Gulf Shores, contact our office and book your stay in one of our lovely vacation rental properties today!