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HomeWork at a Home away From Home in Orange Beach

Take advantage of working at home and enjoy every second of your breaks and off time. Make your home – temporary or permanently – in Orange Beach! Your home office doesn’t need to be literally in your home. It can be anywhere you want – so why not make work from home in Orange Beach?


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Enjoy the Beach While You Work from Home in Orange Beach!

It’s easier to work when you can glance out the window and watch the surf as it gently breaks onto the bright white sandy beach, all while knowing you can just take a few steps and be there yourself. Large windows, expansive decks and porches make it easy to enjoy the view from almost anywhere in our Orange Beach rentals. Step outside onto your private deck, breathe in that warm, soft ocean breeze, and you’ll be ready for a few more hours at your computer.

Enjoy a Beach Break!

A quick, rejuvenating jog on the beach makes a nice mid-afternoon break from your Orange Beach work from home rental, as does a nice short stroll through the surf. Or just grab a colorful beach towel and lay out on the sand for a bit, letting your mind wander as you watch the clouds blow by.

Arrange your schedule so you can fish in the surf by your rental or charter a fishing boat for a few hours so you can do some serious fishing or dolphin watching. Take your catch home, grill it and get back to work while you dine on your catch of the day.

Take a long lunch at one of our local beachfront restaurants for live music and fresh seafood. Or get your order to-go, and dine out on your porch. If there are any leftovers, make seafood tacos or a poor bo for lunch the next day. It’ll be a breeze to warm up any leftovers in your Orange Beach work from home rental’s fully equipped kitchen.

Enjoy the Beach After Hours!

Start your day with a little yoga on the beach or a nice swim. And what better way to end the day than a moonlight walk on the beach? And, there’s plenty to do in Orange Beach besides the beach. Head to The Wharf for food, drink and lots of fun. Game arcades, a movie theater, mini-golf, and escape room and more! A ride on their Ferris wheel after dark is a wonderful way to end your day.

The open floor plans in our Orange Beach rentals make it simple to set up your office. Free Wi-Fi and large flat screen TVs add to the painless process. Give our friendly staff a call today for help in selecting the best Orange Beach rental for your work home away from home.