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Fun Indoor Activities in Gulf Shores

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We’re all stuck inside most of the time these days. Restrictions may be starting to loosen up throughout the country, but most health officials still advocate that everyone is safer at home. In that spirit, here are a few of our favorite indoor Gulf Shores activities.

For Indoor Gulf Shores Activities, Try TV, Movies, Games and More!

The free Wi-Fi and large flat screen TVs in our rentals make it easy to connect to your favorite streaming services and binge watch this year’s shows that you’ve missed, or revisit a few old favorites. Introduce the kids to a few episodes of your favorite childhood TV show, and then watch one of theirs. Take a break and add a tour that museum you’ve always wanted to visit to your list of Gulf Shores indoor activities with a virtual online tour.

This is the time to get out those old board games! Make a few bowls of popcorn and sit down with your friends and family for hours of fun with Monopoly, Clue and more. If you’re alone in the house, you can hook up with other gamers online. This is the time to try that multi-player game you’ve been thinking about trying like Fortnite or Dota 2. Or take time for State of Decay Two, Settlers of Catan, Overcooked Two and that old favorite, D&D!

Have a dance party! Make a playlist with your kids, turn the music up and get shaking! Or get a karaoke contest going. When everyone is tired out, sit back and read to each other out load.

Do science experiments – make some slime or a baking soda volcano. Go old school and make candles or soap, then the kids can use what they’ve made or give them as gifts.

In the Kitchen and Out

We’ve all been cooking more and you may have even begun to run out of recipes and ideas. Luckily, there are tons of recipes on the web to try. Have a pizza party with everyone topping their own pie. Or set up a dessert bar – the kids will love it. Since you’re on the coast, focus your efforts on seafood. Try shrimp recipes one week, and cook with snapper the next. Parmesan Risotto with Garlic Shrimp, Vodka Oyster Shooters or ceviche-style shrimp cocktails can get you started.

Hone up on your grilling skills. Set the grill up on the deck, and get the fresh catch of the day from the market or catch your own. Or, buy a smoker and try your hand smoking some jerky or an appetizer. Fresh smoked trout or smoked oysters on the half shell are always a treat!

Hopefully these Gulf Shores indoor activities will keep you going for a while, but when you run out of things to do again, give our friendly staff a call for more suggestions!