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Alabama Point East is a small part of the state park system.  A beautiful Gulf Shores beach; it’s certainly worth protecting. This stunning attraction in Gulf Shores, AL is a glistening white beach at the edge of beautiful clear waters. Don’t be fooled by those who call it Florida Point—this little slice of relaxation is part of Alabama, and we’re proud of it!

Alabama Point East takes all of the beauty of Gulf State Park but condenses it into an easier visit. It’s an ideal stop for those who just want a few hours at the beach and aren’t looking for all the amenities provided by the larger State Park nearby. That said, there are some amenities at the beach, including restrooms, outdoor showers, and some spots for picnics. There are even scenic boardwalks for your carousing pleasure! Be sure to plan a visit here during your stay in one of our Gulf Shores condos!

How to Have Fun at Alabama Point East

Picturesque and pleasant, Alabama Point East is a great Gulf Shores beach to relax and simply enjoy the views. Bring a camera to capture the way the rocks rise above the backdrop of the Gulf. Sunbathing here is perfectly normal and encouraged! Plus, it’s not a very crowded beach; the quiet here will make Alabama Point sunbathing all the more relaxing. Energetic kids, on the other hand, frequently make a game of climbing the short rocks along the beach.

The water here is gorgeously clean, making it a great spot for snorkeling. Just be aware that, depending on the whims of nature, sharks and/or jellyfish may be present. Follow any official’s instructions and any state notices if it’s not safe to swim. If it is safe to swim, go for it!

How to Find It

Alabama Point East is easy to find. From Gulf Shores, just take Beach Boulevard and Perdido Beach Boulevard (both part of Highway 182) to the east. After you cross the bridge over Perdido Pass in Orange Beach, it’ll be to the south. You can also take Fort Morgan Road instead of Beach Boulevard; head east to Alabama’s Coastal Connection, turn when it turns south, and then follow it south until you’re on Highway 182.

If you’re already staying in Orange Beach, just take Alabama’s Coastal Connection (Highway 161) around Cotton Bayou to Perdido Beach Boulevard.

Stay with Harris Vacation Rentals

If you love the sandy stretches and rhythmic waves of Alabama Point East, then stay with Harris Vacation Rentals, where you can live the beachfront dream. With small, large, and pet-friendly rentals along the coast and further inland, we’re dedicated to bringing people’s beach vacation dreams a reality. Explore more attractions in Gulf Shores, AL, Browse our properties to book your stay today, or call us at 1-877-446-4853 to learn more about our services.