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Orange Beach is home to an abundance of water sports, fishing, sailing, and plenty of thrilling beachside activities. But if you’re looking for a different kind of adventure and you’re up for a thought-provoking test of your wits with family and friends, pay a visit to Breakout Games, a renowned nationwide escape room company that offers immersive and challenging escape room experiences for participants of all levels!

Solve Clues at Breakout Games Orange Beach

Escape rooms are a thrilling style of game that have risen to popularity in the last few years, where you are locked in a room with your guests and you have an hour to unearth the key to free yourselves by mastering clues and puzzles found within the room. Each room is highly detailed and is meant to be an engaging experience, and every room has its own unique theme and storyline. Great for teambuilding, having fun with friends, or simply sharpening your wit, Breakout Games Orange Beach offers an adventure unlike any other!

There are three rooms at the location in Orange Beach. The first room is “The Kidnapping,” which commences with you and your fellow escapees handcuffed and blindfolded in an eerie room. Combine your skill sets to free yourselves within the hour, before the kidnapper returns! The second room is “Operation: Casino,” where you can become a glamorous spy and hunt down clues to reveal the alias of a missing agent and bring the guilty to justice. The third is the mind-thriller “Hostage,” where your plane is hijacked, and you awake handcuffed to your friends in the hijackers’ hideaway. Despite the foreboding storylines, all of these rooms were designed to be fun, and if you need help along the way, you’ll receive additional clues from the staff member monitoring your room, and you can leave at any time if you are having an emergency.

Pricing varies by the size of your group and the amount of rooms reserved, but for larger groups it can be as low as $19.99 per person! You can find Breakout Games Orange Beach at 4776 Main Street, Suite L208, Orange Beach, AL 36561, or give them a call at 251-929-8330! They’re open from 10 AM to 11 PM daily. You can visit them online at

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