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What’s one hundred and eighty years old and just itching to be explored? It’s the Fort Morgan Historic Site! The old historic building in Alabama has stood since its construction was finished in 1833—an American take on the old castles of Europe, updated over time to keep up with changes in coastal defenses. It’s open every day of the week, and is even pet friendly, making it an easy stop to fit into your exciting Gulf Shores vacation.

A Fantastic Place to Explore

Fort Morgan’s career as a military structure ended in 1944, and little has been closed off since. Because of this, it’s a great place to explore and see what you find. Wander around and look at the fort from any angle you please, and peruse the rooms at your leisure, imagining what thousands of soldiers had seen the same views as you every day for over a century. How often do you get to explore a relic of the past?

Living History in Form and Function

The first war that the Fort Morgan Historic Site served in was the Civil War, in which it was promptly commandeered by the Confederacy months before Fort Sumter. It was protected by the mighty ironclad C.S.S. Tennessee until the naval squadron fell to Union forces in 1864; the Fort was taken a few weeks after. Near the end of the century, renovations replaced some old brick fortifications with concrete, and the Fort became the largest permanent military base in Alabama. In World War I, troops stationed here had the chance to practice with new artillery weapons. The Fort was closed in 1923, reopened during World War II, and then closed in 1944.

Enjoy the Guilded Tours Each Tuesday Evening

That said, wandering the Fort Morgan State Historic Site today is something of a mysterious experience, with relics present but not explained. To learn more about the past of Fort Morgan, you’ll need the help of one of the experienced and friendly tour guides. They’ll show you around the Fort Morgan Historic Site, and fill you in on facts and stories along the way!

More than a Fort

Maybe not everybody on the trip is a huge fan of history. Even so, this is a worthwhile place to visit. The beach is a fine spot to relax, and you could spend an hour soaking in all the views. It’s also near its own loop on the Alabama Coastal Birding Trail; nature, as well as history, is abundant here!

So if you can, make the time to take the thirty-five minute drive west on Highway 180 all the way to the tip of Mobile Bay. There you’ll find the grand Fort Morgan Historic Site, not forgotten for its service.

Stay with Harris Vacation Rentals

Fort Morgan, like any building, is full of memories. At Harris properties, all of our rental homes are likewise filled to the brim with happy memories—and we want to add yours to the list! Call us at 1-877-446-4853 to learn more about how we can give you the memories of a lifetime.