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In Gulf Shores, we love our pets—that’s why we make sure to give our canine companions a place to run around and enjoy themselves! The Dog Park is as pet-friendly in Gulf Shores, AL as we are, making it a favorite place to stop for many of our return customers.

Every Dog Has His Day

Dogs need a vacation too, you know! Sure, their lives may be as easy as getting food, taking walks, and vying for your attention, but that doesn’t mean some time away doesn’t do them good. Vacations are great not only because we get to relax, but because we get to go somewhere new and discover new places. Dogs love new sights and smells as much as anyone else, so take Fido along when you head off to Gulf Shores!

It really is the least we can do for our canine companions. Dogs live for their family, and for most dogs, being around people (and, well, food) is their greatest delight. Don’t disappoint them by leaving them behind—take them with you to your pet friendly Gulf Shores condo and experience Gulf Shores together! Their wagging tail will express full approval with your decision!

A Delightful Gulf Shores Dog Park

The Gulf Shores Dog Park is the perfect place to take your dog so that they don’t feel left out while you’re kayaking, golfing, or parasailing. It’s the chance for your dog to run around to its heart’s content, and the perfect spot to play catch or Frisbee. Other dogs might be there too, giving your dog the chance to make a friend! This chance isn’t unique to the canines though; the Gulf Shores Dog Park is also a great place to meet locals. Strike up conversation and you may get some hot tips about great local places to shop or eat!

Pet-Friendly Gulf Shores With Harris Vacation Rentals

Most hotels are not so pet-friendly in Gulf Shores, but that’s okay because you can do better than a hotel! For as little as $100 per night, you can get a pet-friendly Gulf Shores vacation home all to yourself, with your own kitchen, private Wi-Fi, TV, and more! Not only is it a far better deal than a hotel room, but you can even bring your pets along! We have over two dozen offerings in the area that will happily accept your furry friends. So why book anywhere else?

And remember to stop by the Harris Vacation Rentals office for a special treat and discount coupon especially for your dog!

We’re determined to make sure that your family—pets and all—have a fabulous vacation in The Heart of Dixie, so call us today at 1-877-446-4853 and find out how we can give you a pet-friendly Gulf Shores vacation experience you’ll treasure forever.