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The Dog Pond

Looking for a great way to beat the Alabama heat? Want to take the ENTIRE family to enjoy one of the Gulf Coast’s cool and refreshing lakes? You won’t want to miss the newly-opened “Dog Pond” at Lake Shelby in Gulf State Park. Now everyone can enjoy a Gulf Shores vacation! This incredible outdoor doggie playground is designed specifically for man’s best friend, with agility courses, play equipment, and a special dog-friendly swimming area. Fun for the entire family, this is a must for dog-lovers, friends of the four-legged, and anyone looking to treat their favorite pet to a vacation of their own at this Alabama state park.

Fun Facilities for Fido at the Dog Pond

While dogs are not allowed on the white sand beaches of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, they are more than welcome at the Dog Pond. In fact, this entire facility was built with them in mind. Your pooch will love racing through the hooped obstacle course, careening across the doggie balance beams, and vaulting over the colorful jump-bars that dot the grassy and sandy shores. (Properly trained dogs are allowed off-leash so long as they respond to verbal commands). Agility runs are ideal for training exercises, and the kids will love to doggie-bone teeter-totters, shady picnic spots, and oodles and oodles of friendly lovable dogs that come to enjoy this newly renovated park from miles around. After a spirited workout, why not reward your pup with a game of fetch in the cool, shallow waters of Lake Shelby? After all, it’s not every day that your canine friend can enjoy a beach day during the dog days of summer at this Alabama State park!

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Helpful Tips

Here are some helpful facts and tips about the park. It’s always a good thing to know the rules before you go!

Dog Pond hours are from 8:00am until sunset, so there’s plenty of time for your pet to meet some new friends. All dogs with up to date vaccines and identification are welcome at the Dog Pond (make sure you bring proof of both with you on your visit). Dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages are welcome at the park. Children younger than 16 are not allowed in the park, unless they are accompanied by an adult. Leashes must be in-hand but are not required if your dog is properly trained. Choke, prong, pinch, and spike collars are not allowed, and such collars must be removed before your pet enters the park.

Dogs in heat or showing any signs of aggression will be asked to leave, and dog owners are responsible for their pets at all times (and must remain within visual contact). There are benches and picnic tables scattered throughout the park, so you can easily keep an eye on your furry friend. If you are worried about how your dog will interact with others, or maybe you’re not too sure about those other dogs, the park does have separate fenced areas for large and small dogs.

Facilities and equipment are provided to clean up after your pet. You will need to bring your own bags, and also to fill in any holes they have dug. No dog food is allowed in the park (it can incite fights and attract wildlife to the area), but treats are okay – especially as rewards for a job well done on the agility course.

PLEASE NOTE: Lake Shelby is part of Gulf State Park, and is home to all manner of wildlife, including alligators and snakes, so pet owners should be vigilant at all times. If you do encounter wildlife, just stay calm and do not approach. Slowly back away from the animal. Please do not disturb any animals or birds and do not let your pet chase any animals or birds. If you see an injured animal, call the Park’s Nature Center (do not attempt to help the animal yourself).

Fun for Fido at Your Gulf Rental

Thanks to the pet-friendly premium vacation rentals from Harris Vacation Rentals and Our Gulf Shore Vacations, you don’t have to leave your four-legged friend at home next time you head south for vacation!

We have many rentals situated near Gulf State Park and Lake Shelby, so you can be assured there’s a safe place for your dog. There are plenty of activities at Gulf State Park that the entire family, including your furry friends, can enjoy. If your dog enjoys boating, rent a canoe or kayak and have fun out on Lake Shelby. Dogs are also allowed on the paved trails in the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail system, as long as they are leashed. You can hike or bike with your pet as you explore the different ecosystems within the park. Be sure to take plenty of water and keep an eye out for wildlife that will be sharing the trails!

If you need help finding the perfect pet-friendly, family-friendly vacation rental, just give our helpful staff a call today! They can suggest other pet-friendly places to have fun and dine out. And, thanks to the newly refurbished Dog Pond at Gulf State Park, everyone can enjoy a fun day at the beach on Alabama’s sunny Gulf Coast.