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Summer Tourism Recap | Things To Do In Gulf Shores

The Harris Rental Vacation team wants every guest that visits our rental properties to have an exceptional time. We strive to make the reservation process simple. We also work to make sure that our renters have a great vacation experience off the property as well. 

When looking for things to do in Gulf Shores, there are plenty of options! We always encourage our guests at Harris Vacation Rentals to let us know the experiences they are looking for so we can recommend activities, restaurants, and any services that are needed.

Here are a few places and activities that our Harris Vacation Rentals team enjoyed this summer at Gulf Shores. 

Dining at The Perch at Gulf State Park 

If you’re looking for an exceptional dining experience, we suggest The Perch at Gulf State Park. Patrons can enjoy locally-sourced food, cocktails, sunsets, and stunning views of the surrounding beaches. Here’s what someone on our team said about their experience:

“The views are amazing! I enjoy this restaurant because it has a beautiful view, great food, and a fantastic wine selection.”

A Peaceful Vibe at Acme Oyster House 

Vacations can be really exciting. But we think it’s good to slow down and take advantage of a slower pace. The Acme Oyster House opened in 2014 and is a popular spot for fresh seafood and cajun classics. They also have great outdoor seating. Here’s what one team member had to say::

“I like the atmosphere and sitting on the back deck. Very peaceful.”

Enjoying the Nature at Gulf State Park 

With two miles of beaches and white sand, Gulf State Park is an excellent staple for those drawn to the outdoors. From hiking and biking to kayaking and canoeing, visitors can participate in a wide variety of activities, which makes it a great attraction for families. This park is a highlight for our team:

“I enjoy walking the Gulf State Park trails. Bike riding in the Gulf State Park. You can rent a bike for free if you do not have your own. Enjoying music at Meyer Park is always fun! Bring your chair and the pup.”

Having a Blast at the Beach 

While there is a lot to do in Gulf Shores, nothing beats the fun and entertainment a day at the beach has to offer. Take a look at what our team had to say about spending time on the beach:

“I enjoy spending time on the beach with friends and family. It is a good way to unwind from a busy week and enjoy the serenity and peace away from all the stress that life throws at us.”

“I enjoy going to one of the many beautiful beaches and collecting seashells. The beach always clears/calms the soul!”

“I enjoy relaxing at the beach, shopping, and playing mini-golf with friends and family. I would recommend taking one of the boat tours or fishing charters as it is always a fun experience.”

We want to make your vacation as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. So, when you’re booking a vacation with us, fill out this form and receive personalized recommendations tailored just for you from our team. 

Visit to get started.




One-Stop Shop for Property Management In Gulf Shores, Alabama

You’ve done it! You’ve invested in a property on the Alabama Gulf Coast. You may plan to enjoy your property part of the year and offer it for others to enjoy when you aren’t there, or you may decide to offer it throughout the seasons as a full-time rental property. 

But have you found that your savvy business opportunity has turned into a challenge and you need help managing your property? 

From the upkeep to marketing, maintaining a vacation rental property can be a full-time commitment. Fortunately, you don’t have to handle this on your own. 

Since 1983, the Harris Vacation Rentals team has helped owners take the stress out of property management. We have developed into a one-stop-shop for those seeking a hands-off approach to managing their rental properties. 

Check out the many ways that we have helped vacation property owners maximize rental revenue while maintaining their investment properties to the highest standard.

Revenue Optimization and Management 

We don’t believe that making a profit from a rental property has to be seasonal. With comfortable temperatures throughout the year, the Gulf Shores climate makes it possible for your vacation rentals to host a variety of vacationers throughout the year. 

Our team works to capitalize on demand all year round — not exclusively during the summer months. We have a dedicated revenue management team that will maximize the value of your rental home to ensure optimal revenue and occupancy, year over year. 

Reservations and Concierge Services to Keep Guests Coming Back 

Your guests deserve a five-star experience and we are equipped to make that happen. 

Our reservations staff are sales-driven and local area experts who call, email, and text every guest to ensure all their needs are met as they book their vacation — whether online, over the phone, or even on Facebook Messenger. 

Our goal is to ensure that we follow up on each lead, turning them into guests that we can walk through the reservation process. 

We also have a committed guest relations team that ensures guests receive personalized recommendations of activities and services that fit their needs. None of our team are commission-based. We strive to meet team wide goals together in sales and five star reviews. 

Marketing Your Property for Maximum Occupancy 

Are you wondering how to reach the masses and find a targeted audience for your rentals? Well, the Harris Rental Team can also take this task off your hands. Our team can ensure your rental makes it onto the highest-yield travel sites to increase the chances of your property being seen and booked. 

We also use a blend of drone footage, photographs, and virtual tours to give viewers an interactive and immersive view of the rental space. This method is proven to drive the decision to book. 

To increase your listing’s visibility, our team also uses both social media marketing and SEO strategies to ensure your property can be seen on the most widely-used social media channels and Google. 

High-Quality Upkeep and Risk Mitigation 

You can trust that guests will enter a clean and exceptionally-kept property. Our pre-arrival team checks each home before guest arrival to ensure that everything within the house is in working order and that the space adheres to our high standards. 

Also, we are fully equipped to maintain the cleanliness of your space as we have an in-house housekeeping staff that can clean and maintain the property, so you don’t have to. 

Lastly, we want you and your guests to feel that the property is secure. New door codes are generated for each guest, and the home is outfitted with window and door sensors to alert us of any potential breach. Wi-Fi networks are secure, and we have a dedicated tech support team to help residents with any tech issues they encounter. 

We want you to get the most out of your rental property. Allow the Harris Vacation Rentals team to support you and ensure you get the return on investment that you seek.

Savvy Travelers Are Using Vacation Rentals to Save Big!

Savvy Travelers Are Using Vacation Rentals to Save Big!

With prices seeming to be on the rise at the fuel pump and everywhere you look, it’s understandable that many of us are looking for ways to cut costs. But canceling that annual Gulf Shores vacation doesn’t have to be one of the things you give up to save money.   By taking advantage of some cost-saving tips, you can still enjoy that amazing beach getaway…and you won’t miss that chance to make life-long memories on the Alabama coast.

Many savvy travelers are using vacation rentals to keep costs down and offset the rising fuel prices. Booking your stay in a vacation rental, like those that Harris Vacation Rentals offers, allows you to take advantage of a couple of key things that can save you hundreds. With the options and amenities a vacation rental provides, you can actually save money while still making those priceless memories that all great vacations are made of.  Check out these ways your fellow travelers are using vacation rentals to save money and still enjoy an amazing family getaway.

Book Direct to Save on Fees 

Have you ever wondered why the final cost of your reservation is so much more than the per-night price? Platforms like AirBNB and VRBO charge service fees for the “convenience” of booking rentals through their site, and they don’t show you those fees until the end of the process. Some booking sites have service fees as high as 20-30 percent! 

On the other hand, when you book directly with Harris Vacation Rentals, you eliminate much of the added cost. By cutting out the middleman, you can secure the best rate and book your rental without paying costly fees.  Sometimes these savings can add up to hundreds of dollars!  That’s more money in your pocket for fun activities, dining, and souvenirs!  And more than enough to offset that uptick in gas prices.

Dine In to Save on Meals

Everyone enjoys eating at a new restaurant, but doing so for every meal can be expensive. Booking a vacation rental property means you’ll have a private kitchen where you can prepare your own meals…for less money. Even if you dine out for dinner, choosing to have breakfast and lunch in your property can add up to big savings by the end of your trip. 

Our kitchens are fully stocked with all of the needed appliances, cookware, plates and utensils, and almost everything you’ll need to cook with ease. You’ll also have pantry space for storing snacks, drinks, and other daily items you may need. When grocery shopping, focus on cost-effective items that are easy to prepare and can feed your whole group for a day on the beach – things like bread and deli meat for sandwiches, cereal, fruit, and assorted chips.

Pack Lighter to Save on Baggage Fees

If you plan to fly, you know packing extra outfits can make a big difference in your baggage fees. Luckily, you can pack lighter when staying in your vacation rental that includes laundry facilities.  Instead of packing a big suitcase with clothes for every occasion, you can pack just a few items and wash them during your stay. You may even be able to skip checking your bag altogether for a fee-free flight! Laundry may be the last thing you want to do on vacation, but it will really pay off in the long run with some savings!

Use Amenities to Save on Activities

Activities and attractions can really add up, but the right vacation rental can even help you save money on family fun! In addition to those fun beach days, many of our properties have great amenities like swimming pools,  gaming areas, nearby playgrounds, parks, and things that can take the place of more expensive activities. Some rentals are located in places that offer great outdoor opportunities for activities like fishing, shopping, paddle boarding, biking, and more. 

With so much to do around the Gulf Shores area, there are likely some must-do activities or attractions on your trip itinerary – and that’s totally fine! Taking advantage of rental amenities on other days means you’ll have more to spend on the adventures you really want to do.

So don’t fret about things this season or cross that unforgettable beach vacation off the list.  You can still have the getaway of your dreams to Gulf Shores or Orange Beach.  Just plan smart, like so many savvy travelers are doing, and head over to Harris Vacation Rentals to pick out your perfect place in the sand!

The Benefits of Pet-Friendly Property Rentals In Gulf Coast

If you want to make memories with your whole family, Harris Vacation Rentals wants to help. There are many beach locations and accommodations that will not allow you to bring along pets, but we specialize in helping pet owners find the right place to stay. When you browse our rentals, we designate all of our pet-friendly rentals with a paw print. Generally speaking, our pet-friendly rentals can accommodate up to two pets. Our Fort Morgan rentals are especially popular with pet owners because dogs are welcome on the beach and at many local attractions when leashed. If you are a pet owner, consider the many benefits of choosing a pet-friendly property

  • Keep your Family Together–Pets are part of the family. Bringing along your pet will help you create lasting memories! You will be able to fully embrace your time away without worrying about your pet being stuck at home or at a kennel. Also, having the comfort of your pet will also make your rental truly feel more like a home away from home. 
  • Soothe your Pet’s Anxiety–Leaving your pet for a trip could negatively impact them if they suffer from anxiety. Instead of boarding them for a week or hiring a pet sitter, choosing a pet-friendly place allows you to bring your pet along to keep everyone comfortable. You and your pet will have greater peace of mind. 
  • Accommodate your Support Animal–Whether you are dependent on a service animal or simply find comfort with having your pet along, a pet-friendly rental allows you to have the support you need. We are committed to providing the accommodations our guests need to live, feel safe, and stay supported. Making space for your furry companions is just one way we want to serve your family. 
  • Embrace the Fun–From chasing frisbees to running in the waves, pets can bring many smiles and laughs for your whole family. When you pick a pet-friendly rental, you are giving your family the joy and fun of having your family pet along to make memories.

If you need help finding the best pet-friendly rental to accommodate your family and pets, reach out to Harris Vacation Rentals today! We will help you find the best fit for your family’s trip to the Gulf Coast. 

Activity Recommendations with Kids in Gulf Coast

If you are traveling with your kids, there are many activities for your family to enjoy along the Gulf Coast. Hanging out at the beach or in your vacation rental can provide entertainment for most of your trip, but exploring the local attractions can be a fun adventure for the day. Harris Vacation Rentals is a family-owned company with deep roots in the area, so our team is prepared to help you plan your day.

Places to Check Out

  • The Park at OWA–When you buy a day pass to The Park at OWA, you get access to all 23 of their attractions, the splash pad, and plenty of amusement park restaurants and food carts. The park also hosts special events, such as concerts and shows, so make sure to check the schedule to see if any are happening when you visit. The Park at OWA is designed for the whole family to enjoy, offering a range of attractions from thrilling roller coasters to a classic ferris wheel.

  • Sail Wild Hearts–Booking an ocean charter gives you a unique view of the Gulf Coast’s beauty. There are a variety of catamaran rental options available, whether you are hoping for a romantic sunset cruise for two or a dolphin-watching adventure for your whole family. Sail Wild Hearts can even accommodate large groups of up to 49 if you are traveling with a large group or planning a special event, such as a birthday party or wedding party. These charters are popular in the spring and summer seasons, so we recommend booking your charter as early as possible by calling 251-981-6700.

  • Tiki’s Mini Golf–This putt putt place delivers a lot of family fun without breaking your budget. It costs five dollars per player, which includes the club, ball, and unlimited play. Your family can take your time and play through as many times as you would like. The course has 18 holes with a zombie tiki apocalypse theme. Tiki’s Mini Golf is rarely overly crowded, so your family can play through without feeling rushed. This attraction is appropriate for all ages; they even have smaller plastic clubs for younger children.

  • The Track Family Recreation Center–From a large arcade to a three and a half story go-kart track, The Track Family Recreation Center has a variety of choices for your family. There is a whole section of the park dedicated to children called Kid Country, which has smaller-sized attractions like a train, ferris wheel, a carousel, and more. The Track Family Recreation Center is a popular choice in Gulf Shores because of the diverse activities available. When your family cannot decide between putt putt or roller coasters, you can still have both in one location. Your whole family will find attractions to enjoy during your visit. The arcade is a great choice for a rainy day at the beach too. 

  • Waterville USA–Waterville USA has plenty of thrills for guests of all ages. On both sides of the park, there are attractions geared towards younger guests, such as a merry-go-round, carnival rides, and a bounce house. There is also the Fun Depot on the dry side or slides and geysers in WaWa World. The amusement park side of the park includes go-karts, mini golf, and roller coasters. The water park accommodates whatever speed you are interested in, from a lazy river float around the park to fast-paced water slides to an endless wave pool. 

If you are ready to plan your adventure to the Gulf Coast, finding the right place to stay is the first step. Contact Harris Vacation Rentals to find a comfortable home away from home for your family today!

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