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Gulf State Park near Gulf Shores is one of Alabama’s beloved state parks, located just a short drive east from Gulf Shores itself. A well-kept state park situated right on the coast, it boasts the best of southern Alabama. Perhaps best of all, the service, cleanliness, and affordability speak to the best examples of southern hospitality. If you love the great outdoors, then make sure to find time to visit this place! Here’s why Alabama’s Gulf State Park keeps locals and tourists alike coming back so often.


This is the ideal sport for those who love relaxing as much as they love thrills. Folks of all walks of life love the long Zen moment of awaiting the big bite, and the adrenaline rush as you reel it in. And one reason it’s so much better than other forms of relaxation is that it comes with its own concrete reward, whether you just want a picture of the fish or a tasty meal to take home. At Gulf State Park near Gulf Shores, AL a lovely pier is dedicated to fishing.

Sand and Surf

The picturesque stretch of beaches rolling along for miles is enough reason to come to the beach. But there’s more to that—the cushy sand makes the perfect spot for sunbathing, and a little water gives you the perfect building material for sand castles.

Of course, for many, the beach isn’t about the earth, but about the sea! Try riding along some waves or just relax and be carried along.


Hiking is a combination of beauty and exercise—the perfect combination for physical and mental health. There are several trails to enjoy at Gulf State Park, so try coordinating your stay so you have the chance to see some wonderful wildlife and scenery!

Beloved Leisure Location

There’s a reason this modest-sounding Alabama Gulf Shores State Park has nearly 900 Google reviews—people love it! And the love for this park really shows: it is kept up, the facilities are in great condition, and you feel you’re getting plenty of bang for your buck.

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