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Come Enjoy a Unique Interstate Tradition in Gulf Shores!

HomeCome Enjoy a Unique Interstate Tradition in Gulf Shores!

During the last full weekend in April of each year, the famous Flora-Bama Lounge and Oyster Bar hosts the Interstate Mullet Toss and Gulf Coast’s Greatest Beach Party. The event brings people together for a giant party on the beach at the state line between Florida and Alabama while they participate in the Mullet Toss—not the iconic haircut like you might be imagining, but instead a type of local fish that is known for its mystical properties and its status as a delicacy—for charity. When you take part in the mullet toss, you throw a dead mullet over the state line to see if your mullet can get the farthest!

Details on the Flora – Bama Mullet Toss

The 2018 Flora-Bama Mullet Toss will be held daily on April 27th through April 29th. The entrance fee is $15, which includes a souvenir t-shirt. Proceeds from these fees go toward donations made to various local charity groups.

The mullet tossing occurs at 12:pm on April 27th and at 10:00am on April 28th and 29th, with local celebrities participating in the mullet toss at 12:00pm daily during the event. The mullet toss is open to participants ages eight and up.

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