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One of the biggest perks of renting a vacation rental home, is that it offers a home-away-from home that hotels and condos can’t. While spending a day at the beach or catching rays at a community pool can be nice, there is something to be said for spending a day in total seclusion, away from the world, at a private pool. If you’re traveling with your friends or family, you can enjoy some fun in the sun together, without having to worry about crowds. Choose one of our gorgeous vacation rental homes, and spend your vacation with total relaxation and tranquility or a little private family fun in your rentals with a private pool. The beaches will all be there when you’re ready to explore more, but our private pools are timeless!

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Advantages of Private Pools

As much fun as swimming is, the beach is still not a place for someone who doesn’t like crowds. And as much fun as waves are, some people would vouch for a calmer swim. Plus, who wants to worry about getting sand in their car? Sometimes it’s just more convenient to get a rental property with a private pool and skip the beach altogether.

Besides, private pools are usually a considerable amount of work. Filtration, skimming, dusting, and maintaining pH levels can be too much of a hassle for something you use only 2 to 6 months of the year. Instead, book a vacation rental with a private pool and enjoy all the payoff without the demands!

Pool Toys!

Pool noodles, squirt guns, and more transform a placid pool into an exciting arena! Wal-Mart and other stores in the area sell pool toys as well as larger items such as inflatable rafts. Something as simple as diving rings can really stretch out the amount of entertainment value your kids will get from a pool, and most guys never grow out of smacking each other with pool noodles! Even if you don’t own a pool at home, many pool toys, such as pool noodles and low-quality squirt guns, are cheap enough to be worth the investment.

Pool Safety

If anyone in your travelling party isn’t used to a private pool, you should lay down some rules for the pool. First of all, make sure young children are always supervised. Also encourage people of any age to head to the pool in pairs. Caution them against running, too—pool decks can get slippery, and are not nearly as soft as the water. Vacation may be a crummy time to lay down new rules, but it’s an even worse time for a trip to the ER!

Also remember to put on sun screen—it’s not just for leaving the house! If you’re going to be swimming for more than fifteen minutes, put on some sunblock before heading out.

The Perfect Snack

Swimming works up an appetite—it’s a great idea to have a snack on hand for afterwards! Orange Beach and Gulf Shores each have their own Wal-Mart. Those staying in Orange Beach will find many other options near it as well in the plazas north of Highway 182. Guests in Gulf Shores may prefer Rouse’s Market, which boasts everything from fresh produce to ready-made meals. Pier 33 is another option that’s conveniently located for those in the southern part of Gulf Shores. Whenever you hit the grocery store, keep post-pool snacks in mind!

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