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The beach in the winter is different than the beach in the summer. And, it’s not just the heat that’s different, it’s the character of the place. Even along the Gulf Coast, with everyone trying to escape those harsh winters down here, it’s still quieter and muted somehow. And at Fort Morgan it’s even more so. The Fort Morgan vacation home rentals offered by Harris Vacation Rentals are the place for that quiet, secluded winter getaway.

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What to Do Near Our Fort Morgan Vacation Home Rentals

Gulf weather is still warm enough to enjoy the beach, with highs in the high 50s to 60s, just grab a sweater! Beachcombing and dolphin watching are perfect activities for the winter months on the Gulf—you can always warm up with an impromptu volleyball game! And the fishing’s not bad either in winter. Put your fishing skills to the test against a redfish; they’re pretty active during the winter months and can put up a fight!

It’s also a great time to get outside our Fort Morgan rental properties and do some hiking or sightseeing. Visit Fort Morgan or the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge. Historic Fort Morgan, besides being a great example of a pentagonal masonry fort, always has some sort of living history event going on. Bon Secour refuge provides a much-needed stopover for migratory birds, and over 360 different bird species have been spotted at the refuge. Trails wind through forests, wetlands, dunes, a saltwater lagoon and transitional habitats in between. Alligators, turtles, the endangered Alabama beach mouse, armadillos, red fox, and bobcats can be spotted from the trails if you’re lucky!

Where to Stay

Select a beachfront cottage and stay right on the beach or rent a condo in a high rise for amazing views of the surrounding area. At Harris Vacation Rentals, we have rentals that run the gamut from small intimate cottages for two to large residences that can sleep twenty. Select the rental with the right number of bedrooms that’s in the perfect location for your stay. Pick Fort Morgan vacation home rentals in a resort or gated community and have access to their amenities. If you’re looking for all the extras – pool, tennis courts and fitness centers – that’s the place for you. If you want your stay to be as quiet and secluded as possible, pick one of our single family residences.

Whether you are planning on escaping the harsh winter weather with a small intimate group or a large family holiday vacation, Harris Vacation Rentals has Fort Morgan rental properties for you. Give us a call now!