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What’s one of the greatest water sports around? It has to be paddleboarding! Combining the exploration of kayaking with the stylishness of surfing, paddleboarding is a great way for those looking for Gulf Shores activities to enjoy time on the water—and Gulf Shores has just the waters for it.

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Fun in the Sun

Like many of the things to do in Gulf Shores beaches, stand-up paddleboarding gets you active and out on the water. The sport looks simple enough: You get up on the board and use the paddle to move around. There’s more to it, though. The balance, while easy to get the hang of, still tests your legs and core, while paddling works your arms and back, making it a full-body workout. Plus, paddleboarding lets you alternate between excitement and serenity as you choose. Push forward and enjoy the satisfaction of each stroke as you go exploring, or take a moment to stop and enjoy your gorgeous surroundings.

Equipment for Rent

So, paddleboarding is simple and fun, but what about the equipment costs? Fret not—there are plenty of places in the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach areas that’ll get you geared up and ready to float!

Gulf Shores Paddleboard Rental operate out of Gulf Shores and offer their services throughout the area. They loan paddle boards for a few days at a time. Their convenience is just as strong a selling point as their customer service—they deliver the equipment to you, and pick it up later! They can even deliver out to Fort Morgan, for a bit extra.

Endless Summer Kayak and Paddle Board Rentals operate out of Orange Beach. You’ll find them at the Zeke’s Landing Marina, where you can take your rental right into Cotton Bayou!

Gulf Coast Paddleboard rents out paddleboards by the hour or by the day, and also can deliver the equipment. They also offer tours to help newbies get used to the experience!

Finally, Salt Coastal Outfitters is another Orange Beach-based company that will loan you the equipment for a day paddling about.

Things to do in Gulf Shores? Where are the Waves!?

Places off the coast, like Cotton Bayou’s No-Wake Zone, make some of the most popular spots for paddling a board. Gentle waves will test you if you’re inexperienced, but make it all the more delightful! If you’re looking for quieter waters, there are also places like the Bon Secour River where you can explore the land from a very off-road perspective!

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