Finally, you’re at the beach. You’ve looked through Harris Vacation Rentals’ great offerings and selected a gorgeous rental home in Gulf Shores. You’ve got a taste of the beachfront living that people across the world so covet. Now what?

Well, one terrific way to enjoy the water is with a kayak! Kayaking in Gulf Shores Alabama is a complete package for aquatic enjoyment. Rowing is a low-impact, high-fun exercise that’s sure to work up an appetite as you sail forward one mighty stroke at a time. —And yet, it’s also great relaxation! Once you’ve paddled as far as you please, you can lean back and luxuriate in your kayak and let the waves gently rock you.

The views will rock you too; there’s nothing like a panoramic shot of the shore or the sea taken from a hundred yards out! Pods of dolphins frequent the area in the summer, too. And for the greatest photo of all, there’s always the chance of capturing the moment someone else almost tips over!

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Gulf Shores Boat and Paddlesports Rental

To get out there and enjoy Gulf Shores kayaking on your own, there are two places we recommend Gulf Shores Boat and Paddlesports Rental. This place does it all, from private cruises to Gulf Shores kayak rentals, and they’re located right here in Gulf Shores! Dial the owner up, and he’ll set up a time to meet you at a bay and deliver the kayak to you—convenient! A kayak rental here will cost you $50 for four hours, but you can rent for multiple days if you so choose. Your deliveryman will even give you a quick lesson on how to make the most of your experience!

Paddled By You, in Orange Beach

If you don’t mind the short drive over to Orange Beach, Paddled by You is a specialty store for kayaking that enjoys many positive reviews. They’re on Cotton Bayou Drive, north of Highway 182, only fifteen minutes from Gulf Shores. They offer paddleboat and kayak rentals with rates depending on the duration and boat. These start at $25 for two hours on a paddleboat or kayak; a triple kayak for the whole day would cost $75. The owner is known for his local knowledge and friendly attitude, so this is certainly worth a stop!

GoGo Kayaks, in Fort Morgan

With two locations one in Gulf Shores and another in Fort Morgan, AL, Go Go Kayaks offers kayak rentals and paddleboard rentals. They have “the largest inventory of rentals on the Gulf Coast” so if you’re renting for a large group, they have you covered. They also have a rental delivery & pick-up service if you need them at a certain place and time. Single rider kayaks rates are $60 per day or $115 per week; double kayaks run $75 per day and $145 per week. Fishing, surf and kid kayaks as well as additional equipment and paddleboards are available for rent as well.

Relax with Harris Vacation Rentals

Kayaking in Gulf Shores is fun, but by the time you’re done you’ll realize it was quite a workout too! That’s why it’s nice to come home to one of our properties with a full kitchen where you can cook yourself a big meal, and the perfect couch for a long snooze. Call us at 1-877-446-4853 to learn more about our offerings, including our spring rentals perfect for kayaking, and how to set up your ideal vacation today!