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The white, sugary sands of the Gulf Coast’s idyllic beaches evoke images of lounging in the sun, relaxing with a refreshing drink while you enjoy the soothing breezes off the Gulf of Mexico. Of course, if you are a recent graduate of Sand Castle University, you might see something else entirely: an empty canvas just waiting for you to create your masterpiece.

Sand Castle University: Bringing Family, Friends, and Sand Together

Ever wonder who builds the epic sand castles that adorn these beautiful beaches? Have you ever wanted to upgrade your sand castle game from a Tudor or single-story ranch-style to a full on medieval castle, complete with moats, spires, and even flying buttresses (trust us, that’s a thing). If you want up to your sandcastle game on your list of Gulf Shores things to do, the pros at Sand Castle University are there to help, standing by with the best tools, tips, and tricks to turn your amateur bucket-shaped castle towers into breathtaking works of dirt . . . er, art. They will come to you on the sandy expanses of Gulf Shores, Fort Morgan, or Orange Beach and open your eyes to the possibilities and techniques required to create truly one of a kind masterpieces in the sand.

Course List

This college is no joke. Beginners looking for Gulf Shores things to do should enroll in Sand Castles 101, a one-hour beachside course for 1 to 20 individuals ($120-170) who want to learn the basics and graduate with an expertly designed thesis in sand castleology (trust us, that’s a word). All courses include a time lapse video showing the breathtaking beginnings and beautiful culmination of your project. All ages welcome!

Sand Castles 102 is a 2-hour course that focuses on advanced techniques (like, say, adding a mermaid statue to lounge inside your moated walls). You will learn grandmaster strategies and be introduced to advanced sand carving tools as your group builds the sand castle of your dreams. Groups can be 1 to 20 individuals in size ($200-300 depending on size), but this advanced course is recommended for sand architects ages 12 and up.

Sand Castle University welcomes groups of all sizes, and they are happy to work with you to find a time that fits your schedule. Once you’ve “enrolled,” all that is left to do is hit the beach and bring your creative energy and mental notebook – because everything in the course will be on the final exam!

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