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Have you ever wanted to explore the gorgeous coast of Orange Beach, Alabama? If so, we recommend the extremely popular cruises found over at The Fun Boat! This local cruise company will take you out into the ocean depths to find all the aquatic critters surrounding our coastal town.

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Double the Trouble

There is a reason The Fun Boat is called such; they feature aquatic fun for the whole family! Each cruise features a ‘Water War’ between the riders. You will be given a Super Soaker water gun and encouraged to spray down other riders on the boat. Want to stay dry on your cruise? There is a cabin for cruisers who don’t wish to get wet. While The Fun Boat has been known as the wildest ride in Alabama, they recently introduced a second boat into their lineup. Now, super soaker fights will be drawn out between the two boats, letting your children feel like pirates. There is nothing more thrilling than taking on other water adventurers in your own boat vs. boat showdown!

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Dolphin Exploration

Before your cruise ride turns into a wild party, you will be shown where dolphins hang out in the area. Each cruise is practically guaranteed to have a dolphin sighting, ensuring you will be able to see these majestic creatures in person. Since dolphins are social creatures that travel in families you will most likely see a whole family of dolphins diving in and out of the water. There is nothing more magical than seeing these beautiful creatures up close and in person.

Enjoy a Private Cruise

If you are looking for the best birthday party or private event host, look no further than The Fun Boat. You can schedule your own private cruise to host any kind of event. Take to the high seas on incredible private cruise offerings only available from The Fun Boat!

Reserving Your Ride with The Fun Boat

Riding with The Fun Boat is a thrilling and budget-friendly activity in the area. If you are looking to schedule your own private cruise, make sure to call 251-971-1893 for details.

Plan Your Gulf Shores Adventure

You can expect the adventure of a lifetime waiting for you in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores this year. Start planning for you next adventure by contacting our rental experts to get you set up. You will not find a better selection of privately-owned vacation rentals in the area. Book your stay with us today, or click here and learn more about this amazing vacation rental!