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Frank Brown International Songwriter’s Festival

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For over thirty years, songwriters from across the country and overseas have come to the Gulf Coast have come here to hone their craft and demonstrate their art at the Frank Brown International Songwriter’s Festival. The festival is dedicated to Frank Brown, who worked at the Flora-Bama bar and grill for twenty-eight years. His upstanding character earned him a special place in the hearts of Alabama and Florida residents. The festival is a tribute to his love of music, and helps kindle this love in others.

Skilled Songwriters Take the Stage

Not always nationally renowned but always well-received, the songwriters that come here pass an audition to take the stage and share their art—not only in its finished product, but also as a process. This is when they get to share their craft with the public in some of its rawest forms—sometimes still being written, sometimes still working with the publisher, but always coming straight from the heart.

While out listening to these composers, you’ll get the chance to hear not only some great music, but also insight into the songwriting process and the meaning behind some of the lyrics. If you love music as a process as well as a product, this is the festival for you!

When and Where

The Festival happens all along the eastern coast of the Gulf. In 2018, the festival runs from November 8th to the 18th. Fittingly, many of the performances happen at Flora-Bama, about 20 minutes from downtown Gulf Shores. There are some Gulf Shores and Orange Beach venues hosting songwriters on certain nights though, including Big Beach Brewing Co., Nolan’s Restaurant and Lounge, Tacky Jack’s, and Shipp’s Harbour Grill.

A Home Full of Music

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